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Third country access to EU financial markets contingent on equivalent rules

Financial firms based in third countries will face much greater scrutiny when selling services into the EU, following a deal struck between the European Commission, EU governments and the European parliament.

US and UK move to safeguard derivatives markets post-Brexit

US and UK authorities have agreed measures to ensure the smooth functioning of derivatives markets and to safeguard against any potential Brexit-related disruptions and to remove uncertainty.

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G20 leaders urged to tackle regulatory fragmentation

There is a real risk that the fragmentation of global capital markets could eventually see them grinding to a halt with all kinds of negative consequences for the real economy. This has focused the FSB and the G20 to try and come up with a solution. By Justin Pugsley.

FCA asks firms to have contingency plans in areas outside its control

The FCA asks for financial firms to have contingency plans in place in areas it does not cover in the event the UK leaves the EU without a deal on March 29

EY says banks and regulators need to quickly adapt to emerging risks

With much of the global standard setting complete, EY warns in its 2019 regulatory outlook that the industry faces risks around market fragmentation and from greater digitisation 

IIF urges global standard setters to urgently address market fragmentation

Diverging interpretations of global standards and national regulatory initiatives are damaging global markets says the IIF, which is calling on the G20 and the FSB to take urgent action to reverse the slide towards greater global fragmentation

FINRA outlines its 2019 priorities with heavy emphasis on technology

FINRA has outlined its 2019 priorities, which include the use of regtech, online platforms, credit risks and investor suitability requirements

UK signs continuity agreement with Switzerland covering insurance services

The UK has signed an agreement with Switzerland to preserve the continuity of insurance business between the two countries after the former leaves the EU

EU-Swiss accord remains deadlocked

The EU and Switzerland are struggling to agree a new bilateral agreement covering areas ranging from financial services through to the free movement of people with some commentators believing the draft agreement to be dead

UK regulators demand emergency powers in case of ‘no-deal’ Brexit

Demands by regulators for unprecedented emergency powers to deal with a ‘no-deal’ Brexit raised concerns with UK law makers that it could create a democratic deficit