James Grieg

Brexit prompts EU to hasten regulatory clean-up

The scramble among EU-27 financial centres to host UK located firms looking for a new home in the Union is likely to accelerate the drive towards regulatory convergence. By Justin Pugsley.

Delays and high failure rates hit FRTB implementation

The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book is a particularly challenging piece of text to implement, but banks trying to do so with the less capital-intensive Internal Model Approach are finding it particularly difficult as they face having to keep their models approved. Some are considering not bothering with it. By Farah Khalique.

GET-EU flag

Europe rebooted?

It was not that long ago that existential questions swirled around the eurozone. But the results of the French election and strong economic growth seem to have reinvigorated sentiment and the drive towards greater harmonisation.

Nicolas Veron

ESAs likely to gain more power following European Commission review

The European Commission’s review of the three European supervisory authorities is likely to grant them more power. But it could also lead to some quite radical outcomes. By Justin Pugsley.

Cashless society

A cashless society is no regulatory panacea

The push to create a cashless society has its supporters, but from a regulatory perspective it opens new challenges and does not necessarily address existing ones such as money laundering. By Dan Barnes.

UK Parliament

UK’s Great Repeal Bill faces tight deadline as Brexit looms

The UK faces the monumental task of turning EU laws into domestic ones as it leaves the EU. However, plenty of other countries have trodden this path, not least countries formerly part of the British empire. By Farah Khalique.

Bank of England

Libor alternatives start to take shape

After many delays and difficulties, industry and regulators are inching towards choosing alternatives to the London interbank offered rate, with the UK close to selecting one for sterling rates. By Justin Pugsley


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