Facebook’s Libra could force rethink of some regulatory frameworks

The pending launch of Facebook’s digital currency threatens to disrupt some regulatory frameworks and if it succeeds it could even pose systemic questions creating even more challenges for regulators

Frank Ford

Rapidly evolving cyber threats prompt banks to beef up defences

Cyber has rapidly soared in importance as a risk to the financial system as banks become more digital. This has forced banks into an arms race against hordes of shady characters and organisations determined to steal from them or to disrupt their operations. By Justin Pugsley. 

Patricia Sullivan

Efforts stepped up to save correspondent banking

Entire countries are at risk of being cut out of the global financial system due to de-risking, which is also holding back economic growth, leaving global standard-setters, banks and fintechs struggling to find a solution. By Farah Khalique.

Sonia Hierzig

Policy-makers hardening their stance on climate change reporting

The TCFD is one of the most high profile voluntary climate initiatives impacting the financial sector. However, moves are afoot to start mandating some aspects of climate change reporting contained in the framework

Geoff Hutton

Second phase of SFTR could trip up some firms

Some market participants appear to be overconfident in their ability to meet their SFTR obligations. They could be in for a shock as the new rules continue to be phased in. By Justin Pugsley.

Angelo Ranaldo

Regulatory reforms distorting central bank monetary policy

Basel III and Emir have unleashed a series of unintended consequences on repo markets, which are distorting monetary policy transfer mechanisms

Malavika Solanki

UPI adoption gets nearer following DSB designation by FSB

UPIs are moving closer to industry adoption after the FSB designated the Derivatives Service Bureau as the service provider for these identifiers.

Robin Deutsch

FSB looking to harmonise resolution of G-SIB derivatives portfolios

Starting with a consultation and discussion paper, the FSB appears to be attempting to harmonise regulatory regimes across jurisdictions for the solvent and orderly wind-down of a derivatives portfolio of a failing G-SIB. By Justin Pugsley.

Christian Tuddenham

From Saad to Abraaj: governance and transparency in the Middle East

Some high profile collapses have prompted regulatory improvements in the Middle East, but there is still some work to be done around governance. By Christian Tuddenham, partner at Jenner & Block.

Xavier Dubois

The last word on Basel III: integration

As the finalised guidelines become regulation, an emphasis on relationships among different sources of risk confirms the need for a unified financial risk reporting solution. By Xavier Dubois, product manager, global risk and finance, at Wolters Kluwer.