Michael McKee web

Basel III may not halt regulatory fragmentation

Finalising the Basel III framework was a very important milestone for cementing a global regulatory framework for banking. But given shifting national priorities it may not be enough to stop some more wrinkles appearing in terms of national implementation


Has Basel made banks safe?

The Basel framework, which is now complete, has evolved considerably since the financial crisis taking into account new areas of systemic risk. However, is it enough to make the banking system safe?

London Stock Exchange

LSE accused of overstating euro-clearing relocation costs

The costs of moving euro-denominated OTC derivatives from London to the EU have been exaggerated by the London Stock Exchange, says a Frankfurt-based research institute. By Justin Pugsley.

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Bankers need more skin in the game to ensure financial stability

There have long been arguments over how much regulation is needed to make the financial system safe. However, a new book claims there should be greater focus on incentives for senior bank management, who are better placed than most to understand the risks within their own institutions. Justin Pugsley reports.

David Puth web

Consultation reveals more potential scope for FX code of conduct

A consultation by the Global Foreign Exchange Committee around the practice of ‘last look’ revealed two other areas worthy of investigation in terms of the FX code of conduct. By Justin Pugsley.

European Commission HQ

Banks warn of an EU investment ‘blackout’

EU officials want more capital injected into the European economy, particularly for smaller companies, but that could collide with globally agreed banking standards and disapproval from third countries

Robert Hanratty web

The French clemency: HSBC awarded settlement despite obstruction

For the first time, the French national prosecutor has used its streamlined powers to deal with financial crime to settle with a corporate organisation it was investigating, in this case HSBC. This led the bank to clean up many of its governance procedures. By Robert Hanratty at Corker Binning.

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