Dietrich Domanski

FSB pivot signals the start of a new era

Dietrich Domanski, the secretary general of the Financial Stability Board, talks to GRR about the organisation’s pivot away from policy-making towards implementation and evaluation, and discusses what that means in practical terms for regulators and the industry. By Justin Pugsley

Andrew Bailey

Industry scrambles for solutions to make new interest rate benchmarks work

The determination of regulators to ditch the use of the Ibor interest rate benchmarks and swap them for new ones is increasing concern among some market participants that the replacements will not be up to the job. By Farah Khalique.

Lena Ng

Singapore resolution regime maintains narrow scope of bail-in instruments

Following a recent consultation, Singapore’s regulators are in the process of putting in the finishing touches to their bank resolution regime, and while it follows international guidelines closely, it does make one important deviation. By Justin Pugsley.

Constance Usherwood

FSB draws mixed responses over infrastructure finance findings

Market participants and industry associations have given mixed reactions to the FSB’s findings on the impact of regulation on infrastructure finance. By Farah Khalique.

US flag

US tax reforms ‘could exacerbate bank cyclicality’

Recent changes to the US tax code involving less generous treatment on certain deductions could result in greater cyclicality of higher leveraged banks and non-financial firms making them more sensitive to swings in the economic cycle and potentially undermining bank capital buffers. By Justin Pugsley.

Simone di Castri

Supervisors turn to automation to handle data deluge

Such are the growing demands in supervision, whether it be related to anti-money laundering or picking up market abuse, that regulators are being forced to turn to technology or ‘sup-tech’. By Dan Barnes.

Fintech threat

Traditional banks face up to fintech threat

The rise of fintech poses a threat to traditional banking with even the big tech giants taking an interest in the sector. However, despite banks suffering with siloed structures and often high costs, they should not be written off. By Justin Pugsley.

Russian banking

Russian banking system slowly rehabilitates

The Central Bank of Russia is forging ahead with reforming the country’s banking system, but faces a number of headwinds which could make the task harder. By Justin Pugsley.

Pankaj Gupta

Outlines of EU-UK deal on financial services taking shape

The fire and fury surrounding Brexit is throwing up very little in the way of hard facts to underpin planning by banks. Nonetheless, a possible outline of an EU-UK deal is taking shape, or at least narrowing it down to a few possible options. By Justin Pugsley