Niall Ferguson

How safe is the global financial system 10 years after the Lehman bankruptcy?

The aftermath of the global financial crisis unleashed probably the biggest overhaul of financial regulations in history. But despite herculean efforts to make the financial system more resilient, commentators do still see some worrying deficiencies

Colleen Baker

FSB sees potential problems with rules on clearing OTC derivatives

In a recent report, the FSB found a number of issues with reforms designed to make the over-the-counter derivatives market safer. Market participants also have gripes with the regime

Ben Pott

Risk concentration raises questions about CCP safety

An incident involving a single trader in Norway making a big loss and a consultation from the Financial Stability Board has once again raised questions over whether central clearing houses could after all pose a potential risk to the financial system

John Kernan

Industry worries about SFTR reporting requirements

The second phase of the EU’s rules governing securities lending and repo markets is creating all kinds of headaches for market participants due to highly detailed reporting requirements and remaining loose ends around identifiers

Jonathan Lee

ESMA rejects European Commission’s SFTR proposals

ESMA has rejected all of the European Commission's proposals to make technical amendments on a regulation governing securities and repos lending, leaving the industry concerned that it will create further delays on clarifying identifier standards

Jeremy Wilson

Barclays ‘DerivHack’ develops CDM post-trade derivatives model

A Barclays sponsored hackathon has potentially identified new paths for making post-trade derivatives processes more efficient using ISDA’s common domain model and may transform how the industry interacts with regulators. By Justin Pugsley


Global sandbox attempts to bridge gap between regulators and fintechs

The FCA has attracted 12  other regulators in a bid to create a global sandbox helping bring regulators together to collaborate more closely as well as enabling fintech firms to go global more quickly


Juncker calls for deeper capital markets as CMU struggles to be born

European Commission president calls for deeper EU capital markets and a greater global role for the euro

European Central Bank

ECB paper finds negative interest rates may undermine financial stability

ECB paper finds that negative interest rates are particularly penalising for banks heavily reliant on deposits and could potentially create financial stability risks