Tim Rennie

UK regulators up the ante on Libor transition

UK regulators have doubled down on their determination to wean the financial sector off sterling Libor, a move which might speed up the transition to alternative rates for other currencies as well

Nicholas Pfaff

EU's green taxonomy: long road to transformation begins

The EU’s green finance deal promises to not only reshape the economy, but also finance. However, there is still much work to do and a lot of missing detail before the green deal can drive real change 

Barney Reynolds

UK authorities embark on ambitious data-led transformation

Reflecting changes in the financial services sector, UK regulators are attempting to transform themselves into data centric organisations able to carry out their supervisory duties more efficiently and effectively than ever before 


Regulators still face steep learning curve on implications of bigtechs

Bigtech firms are not just a worry for incumbent banks, but are also a source of concern for regulators in terms of their impact on financial stability leading to individual supervisors to take their own approaches towards managing the risk. 


EBA flags ongoing European banking struggles with transformation

The outlook for European banks appears to be on the slide again, notwithstanding that most are well capitalised, but if left unchecked this trend could present major challenges for regulators

Data risk

EBA identifies four pillars in its big data guidance

In a bid to increase competitiveness, banks are racing to make better use of big data, which is prompting supervisors to take greater interest in the potential risks related technologies might produce.

Malcolm Wright

EU steps up AML fight with 5AMLD

Technology and developments such as crypto-currencies have given money launderers a wide array of tools to conduct their criminal activities. The EU’s 5AML is an attempt to get on top of some of these developments, but will have significant consequences

Rupert Brown

Regulatory breaches: making the case for the defence

The ever growing volumes of regulation means there are more ways than ever for firms to get caught out. One way to mitigate the fall out from regulatory breaches is to carefully document how firms make their decisions

Guy Warren

Why some challenger banks have failed on operational resilience

Challenger banks were once widely seen as having an edge on traditional banks as they enjoyed the latest technologies. But to some extent those views are being revised following a spate of operational failures by this new breed of bank