Isabelle Vaillant

Stakeholders struggle to find common position on CRD V

The financial services industry is becoming concerned as time is growing increasingly tight for thrashing out CRD V with various stakeholders all wanting various amendments included in this complex and comprehensive regulatory text

Jeb Hensarling

US Treasury advocates a more rules-based bank resolution process

In its fourth report on reforming the US financial system, the US Treasury has once again steered away from advocating radical action. It would make relatively little change to the current US infrastructure for resolving a large failing bank.

EU and national flags

Europe’s bank resolution regime finds devil in detail

The EU is establishing non-preferred debt instruments as a new layer of protection for taxpayers in the event of a bank getting into trouble. However, there are still numerous questions about the new instrument, such as how exactly it ranks with other loss absorbing capital instruments

Market participants

Three months on real impact of MiFID II yet to be felt

Given the huge fanfare in the build up to MiFID II going live, it may come as a surprise to some that three months in nothing much has changed in Europe’s markets, according to a recent roundtable discussion. However, some potential trends are emerging, which could impact market liquidity and transparency

Big Ben and EU flag

A regulatory race to the bottom?

Contrary to what some EU policy makers believe, the UK is not about to engage in a regulatory race to the bottom post-Brexit. It simply wouldn’t make sense, would violate global agreements and actually damage the City of London

European Central Bank

Harmonising resolution regimes key to spurring EU cross-border lending

Tackling the EU’s non-performing loans is critical if it is to reap the benefits of cross-border banking, such as risk diversification and sharing, and there should be more harmonisation in resolving bad loans, says a European Central Bank working paper. By Justin Pugsley

Kay Swinburne

Policy-makers losing faith in global regulatory cooperation

One of the few benefits of the global financial crisis is that it spurred greater international regulatory cooperation making it easier to tackle looming challenges. However, that could be under threat due to growing mistrust between EU, US and UK policy-makers, warned a member of the European Parliament

GET-EU flag

EU building groundwork for fintech harmony

The EU is being torn by Brexit, harmonisation and equivalence, making the fintech framework a very necessary, if small step forward. By Dan Barnes

Robo fintech

UK steps up fintech support with measures such as ‘robo-regulation’

UK government spells out further support to booming fintech sector and includes measures such as boosting ‘robo-regulation’ to boost efficiency and cut costs

Kuben Naidoo

South Africa unleashes twin peaks revolution

South Africa is following in the footsteps of a number of other countries in adopting a twin-peaks model for its regulatory institutions. Though the move is designed to improve the country's supervision, there is some scepticism, around its design and its motives

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