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Banks ace stress tests - but next one might be harder to pass

As the prospects for the US economy darken, the stress test results published on June 23 show systemically important banks are able to swallow substantial losses if a recession materialises.

Emma Kalliomaki

New identifier helping track systemic risks in OTC derivatives on track for launch

The unique product identifier looks set to launch from late next year as major jurisdictions are managing to stay on track.

Stephan Dreyer

ANNA driving identifier interoperability to improve digital asset market transparency

Driving interoperability between identifiers to improve transparency in digital asset markets is one of the top priorities for the Association of National Numbering Agencies. 

Paschal Donohoe

Deteriorating economic conditions resurrect eurozone crisis fears

Soaring inflation, volatile markets and deep economic uncertainty have resurrected fears that the eurozone is being stalked by another crisis, though not all share that view.


Banks slam FDIC for changing appeals process without ‘proper’ consultation

Changes in the way the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) handles supervisory appeals has generated a backlash from the industry which accuses the agency of having proceeded without proper public comment or notice. 

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Bank of England makes controversial move to scrap mortgage affordability test

UK mortgage affordability test requirements by lenders will be scrapped by the Bank of England (BoE) from August 1 in a move that has raised concern in some quarters, though the loan to income (LTI) ratio limit will remain. 

Max Heywood

Credit Suisse run in with FCA is a warning to others

Credit Suisse is no stranger to controversies. Over the last decade, official investigations and leaks to journalists have revealed the bank’s facilitation of suspect activities, from tax fraud and secret loans to forex manipulation and money laundering. By Max Heywood, head of public sector at Elucidate

Brandon Hammer

Fixes sought for flaws in US Treasury market as volatility intensifies

The US treasuries market remains vulnerable to more dysfunctional episodes as crises are happening more often which is heaping pressure on policy-makers to find structural fixes.

Linda Middleditch

EBA seeks more evidence before deciding on treatment of climate change in prudential framework

A fiery debate has kicked off about how much the financial sector should worry about climate risk and the legitimacy of using prudential tools to achieve climate goals. The European banking regulator advises caution. 


EBA’s prudential review seen as too shy

The pandemic has prompted the EU to review its regulatory toolbox for keeping the bloc’s financial system on a steady footing, but critics say the EBA’s suggestions merely tinker around the edges.

Julia Salant

SEC’s ambitious climate reporting goals face practical hurdles

Companies listed in the US will face one of the most exacting climate-related disclosure regimes in the world if the Securities and Exchange Commission gets its way, and there are already concerns that it goes too far.

Laurent Clerc

FSB fears climate-related contagion effects on financial system

The background to the Financial Stability Board’s latest climate change initiative is full of potentially profound implications for the global financial system.

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