Norbert Gittfried

Growing urgency to tackle regulatory fragmentation

Global regulatory frameworks were designed to improve financial stability and create common approaches to managing risk, but the reality is their implementation is potentially undermining those aims, at great cost to financial institutions. By Justin Pugsley.

Brian Quintenz

European Commission extends CCP olive branch after US outbursts

The European Commission insists it is not looking to punish US clearing houses over its proposals for third-country clearers operating in the EU. However, such is the nature of some of the proposals that it would in practice make it challenging for third-country CCPs to conduct business in the EU

Sonny Hsu

China rearranges regulatory furniture to tackle fast evolving financial sector

China has rearranged its regulatory furniture in the face of an increasingly opaque and complex financial system. But is it enough to secure financial stability?

James Phillips

Machine-readable rules could offer jurisdictions a competitive edge

Machine-readable rules hold the promise of better compliance and reduced compliance costs for financial firms. Some policy-makers are likely to view them as a competitive advantage in attracting firms to operate in their jurisdiction

White House

Shape of Dodd-Frank reforms could emerge this summer

The US Senate and House of Representatives are currently hammering out Dodd-Frank reforms and the deal they reach will have a significant impact on the future shape of US bank regulation. By Gordon Feller.

Data risk

Banks looking into more consistent modelling methodologies

An organisation called Global Credit Data has made big strides in providing sufficient loss given default data to banks for corporate loans. Its next step is to drive consistency around internal model outputs. By Justin Pugsley.  

Big Ben uk flag

IEA advocates rethink of UK regulatory regime post Brexit

With the UK presumably set to have the power to set its own financial rules post Brexit, a debate is taking place over whether the regulatory framework should be changed, with one influential think tank calling for a thorough re-examination. By Justin Pugsley.

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