Isabelle Vaillant

Breakthrough on stalled EU banking package

November 2018 saw some important movement among EU law-makers on the banking package, which should help pave the way for the block's long delayed banking union. By Farah Khalique.

Jennifer O'Connell

EU benchmark rules raise systemic fears in Asia-Pacific

The EU’s benchmark regulation is causing considerable anxiety in Asia-Pacific, as it could leave some European investors cut off from the region – with potentially systemic consequences. By Justin Pugsley.

Eric Pan

Finding common ground gets harder for regulators

Equivalence reform is needed in the EU but is unlikely to happen soon, as regulators engage in a war of words that suggests divergence, rather than convergence, is on the cards. By Farah Khalique.

Bank of England

Authorities reinforce determination to move markets to RFRs

Regulators are stepping up pressure for markets to shift to using risk-free reference rates, as shown by a recent Financial Stability Board report. However, market participants are still grappling with a host of issues to smooth transition. By Justin Pugsley.


Hong Kong’s virtual banking licence could draw in China’s tech giants

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority's new virtual banking licence could prove to be a significant stimulant to competition in its banking market – but there are concerns that some regulatory demands are too steep. Dan Barnes reports.


MiFID unbundling rules hurting analyst coverage of smaller listed firms

MiFID II is driving investment analysis away from smaller listed firms raising fears it could leave many of them marooned in investor obscurity and facing higher costs of equity funding

Emma Kalliomaki

How identifiers are driving transparency in financial markets

Identifiers emerged from the 2007-09 global financial crisis as a major component of the financial system helping to drive transparency for industry and regulators. GRR talks to Emma Kalliomaki, managing director at the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) about its initiatives for rolling out identifiers in line with regulations.

Union flag

Toughness of UK’s conduct regime questioned

Following the global financial crisis a decade ago, UK regulators imposed one of the toughest conduct regimes seen in banking, but recent events have had some observers wondering whether it really has teeth. By Victor Smart.