Tony Rooke

Climate change rises to become a systemic risk

Financial risks relating to climate change are rapidly becoming an important consideration within banks thanks to the TCFD, whose recommendations are starting to drive change in lending policies. By Justin Pugsley.

J Christopher Giancarlo

Can the CFTC crack cross-border swaps?

CFTC chairman J Christopher Giancarlo has been on a charm offensive in a bid to win over other regulators towards creating a more level playing field for cross-border swaps regulation. By Farah Khalique

Mike Crapo

US deregulatory moves could be challenged after mid-term elections

US mid-term elections could throw a spanner in the works of president Donald Trump’s deregulation agenda if the Democrats were to gain enough seats

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Fast-paced markets test central bank supervisory capabilities

The commoditisation of data and the electronification of financial markets has led to new types of trading, which are increasingly challenging central bank mandates over managing areas such as monetary policy, a BIS report warns. By Dan Barnes

Flash crash

Tech proliferation echoes pre-crisis boom in complex derivatives

The proliferation of cognitive-type technologies is a new challenge for compliance teams to monitor, but their rapid development and complexity mean non-specialists are having trouble keeping up. By Justin Pugsley.

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A rise in NPLs is not necessarily just down to fast credit growth

Rapid loan growth has turned out to be a good indicator regarding non-performing loans later on and is a warning for countries that have experienced fast credit expansion recently. But this relationship doesn’t have to hold true, as Justin Pugsley reports. 


PRA prompts financial firms to focus on climate risks

The PRA is stepping up pressure on banks to pay more attention to climate change related financial risks following a consultation that is likely to be a step towards eventual regulation

Mark Turner

Stress testing comes of age as Basel Committee issues update

Basel Committee issues nine principles for stress testing banks reflecting the growing importance of the exercise for detecting emerging vulnerabilities