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US bank collapses portend supervisory and regulatory changes

US banks, large and small, are likely to soon face heightened supervision and, later, tighter regulations given the momentum building up following the collapse of three large regional banks. 

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Shadow banks increasingly in regulators’ sights

After years of watchful waiting, financial regulators are starting to crack down on the ballooning $239.3tn shadow banking sector. 

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Generative AI a new dawn of challenges and opportunities for banks

The technology that drives ChatGPT could revolutionise how banks manage complex and time-consuming processes in areas like compliance, but it will come with risks. 

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Regulators keep close eye on commercial real estate

Cracks in the $20tn commercial real estate market are piling pressure on exposed lenders, just as regulators urgently steer troubled banks to avert a full-blown banking crisis. 


BCBS to review Basel III in the wake of recent bank failures

Recent bank failures in the US and the demise of Credit Suisse have prompted the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision to review the Basel III package, but this is unlikely to affect the implementation dates, says a source close to the BCBS. 


MAS explores stablecoin regulation alongside CBDC experimentation

Singapore’s financial regulator is experimenting with a range of CBDC development projects alongside creating a regulatory approach to stablecoins, but the final role of both CBDCs and stablecoins within the Singaporean economy remains to be confirmed. 

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Looming US dollar Libor deadline: late nights ahead for bankers and clients?

Significant progress so far suggests major mishaps unlikely, but term SOFR concerns linger. 

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Industry has limited appetite for big SMCR changes

UK government’s focus on improving international competitiveness via changing the Senior Managers and Certification Regime appears at odds with some industry views.

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First line of defence 'must take the lead' on risk controls

Financial institutions should review their approach to internal control functions in light of the increasing and evolving demands being placed on them, according to a new report from Deloitte. 

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Federal Reserve’s Barr calls for strengthening of US banking regulation and supervision

Review into Silicon Valley Bank collapse suggests changes to improve supervision and tighten regulatory requirements

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FDIC recommends 'targeted coverage' model for deposit insurance reform

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has outlined three potential models for deposit insurance reform in the wake of recent banking disruption.

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European Commission proposes changes to the EU’s crisis management and deposit insurance framework

Long-awaited proposals aim to establish resolution process for small and medium-sized banks

ESMA’s Verena Ross discusses the authority’s work on ESG, digitisation, data, benchmarks and cooperation with third countries