Securities regulators lift short selling ban, but could reimpose it

Six EU securities regulators coordinate the lifting of their short selling bans, but have left open the possibility of reimposing them should extreme volatility reignite again

Xavier Larrieu

Supervisors urge IFRS-9 forward provisioning flexibility to save capital

The Covid-19 pandemic is not only taking monetary and fiscal policy into new territory, but is also having an impact on how banks provision for bad loans under IFRS-9 accounting standards  

Christian M. Stiefmueller

Covid-19 crisis resurrects shadow bank concerns

With the world once again in crisis, this time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, supervisory attention is turning to shadow banks for fear they might be harbouring hidden systemic risks. 


Covid-19 fallout poses challenge to Basel adherence

Concern increases that temporary extraordinarily prudential measures pursued by various jurisdictions could become permanent and undermine the Basel framework.

Trading floor

Fairweather market-makers push liquidity risk to buy side

Bouts of liquidity shortages in key capital markets, such as in US Treasuries, has seen some in the industry call for a rethink of rules governing markets and their participants

Amélie Champsaur

BRRD could be sidelined in the event of widespread bank failures

With Europe sliding into a deep economic slumber following the Covid-19 pandemic, questions are being asked about the state of some the continent’s banks and whether BRRD is up to resolving them if it comes to that

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Industry wins one-year reprieve on initial margin rules

Around 1000 smaller financial firms have been granted another year by global standard-setters to comply with margin requirements for non-centrally cleared derivatives due to the Covid-19 fallout.

Khaled Ghadban

Mass home working in financial sector is a clear market abuse threat

Banks have around 70-90% of their staff working at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is a nightmare for compliance staff as a lot of activity is now far less supervised 

US Fereral Reserve

Covid-19 gives US dollar Libor new lease of life

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy and banks has breathed new life into Libor with the US Federal Reserve being forced to use the rate for its emergency funding programme

What impact is IFRS-9 forward provisioning having on banks during the Covid-19 crisis?