Rory Flynn

Streamlining Volcker Rule will prove challenging

The Volcker Rule was hastily drafted after the global financial crisis and it soon emerged that it was significantly flawed. The five US agencies that oversee it are now revising it so it works better, which is no easy task. By Justin Pugsley.

EU flag

Risk-sharing: the EU headache that won't go away

Risk reduction is high on the banking agenda within the EU, but despite ministers agreeing on a package of reforms, a lack of trust is hindering much-needed progress on risk sharing. By Farah Khalique.

Francesco Papadia

Parallel currencies within eurozone would pose serious systemic risks

Radical ideas are surfacing with parts of the eurozone in the grips of a populist rebellion, but the idea of parallel currencies as floated by the parties behind Italy’s new government could have truly negative systemic consequences if ever tried out

Kevin Taylor

The post-Ibor era continues to evolve

The replacement of Libor et al is a slow, tedious process but the emergence of new financial instruments linked to Sonia offer a glimmer of a Libor-free future. By Farah Khalique.

Peter Wright

Tough conduct rules reshaping banking culture

The UK’s tough conduct regime for senior managers appears to be prompting financial institutions to engage in a deep rethink of their governance and operational procedures, but it could also be having some unexpected consequences

Bitcoin and wires

Authorities' efforts to regulate cryptocurrencies causing uncertainty

Regulators trying to keep pace with the rapid evolution of cryptocurrencies are coming up with many different approaches in their quest to balance risk without stifling innovation. However, this is creating considerable uncertainty for legitimate cryptocurrency participants. By Dan Barnes.  

Julien Ganter

EU seeks to spur green finance

In the spirit of the Paris Climate Agreement, the EU is looking to make supporting green finance more attractive for banks and investors. By Brian Bloch.

Bank of England

BoE’s Cunliffe sees scope for deeper intervention for extreme CCP failures

A deputy governor of the Bank of England foresees some extreme circumstances where regulatory discretion could be useful to stem systemic risks in the event of a clearing house running into severe financial difficulties

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