Andreas Wieland

Latvian bank is new test for EU bank resolution mechanisms

The failure of a Latvian bank is another opportunity to refine the EU’s bank resolution mechanisms, but observers say there are still a number of flaws that should be addressed while banking conditions in Europe are relatively benign. By Justin Pugsley

Janet Yellen

Will Yellen’s Wells Fargo asset cap set a precedent for punishing governance failures?

One of Janet Yellen’s last actions as chair of the US Federal Reserve was to slap a total asset cap on Wells Fargo following a string of governance failures. But there are questions over whether or not this sets a new precedent for tough sanctions, particularly given the administration’s focus on cutting red tape for banks   

Shaghai skyline

China’s fast-evolving shadow banks deepen links with formal sector

China’s rapidly evolving shadow banking sector has been affected by a raft of new rules, but is nonetheless finding ways to adapt and is deepening its links with the formal sector. By Justin Pugsley.

Christian Stiefmϋller

EU auditors highlight concerns over ECB bank failure assessments

The ECB was criticised by the European Court of Auditors over flaws in the way it designates banks as failing or likely to fail. While industry sources believe that the auditors have made some valid points, they do not think the flaws are potentially fatal to the designation process. By Justin Pugsley

Markus Kaempf

Share trading jam thin edge of Swiss EU wedge

The EU and Switzerland are trying to reshape their relationship by rolling a raft of different agreements into a comprehensive institutional framework. But the negotiations are proving to be challenging with Swiss financial services potentially getting caught in the crossfire

Jon Cunliffe

Rise of market-based finance “not a major threat to financial stability”

Market-based finance providers such as asset managers have helped to dramatically increase the size of the shadow banking sector, raising the spectre of toxic risks finding a new home. But this is a thesis challenged by the Bank of England’s deputy governor for financial stability. By Justin Pugsley. 

Ukraine flag

Ukraine uses stress testing to help clean up banking system

Ukraine has experienced severe problems with its banking sector over the past few years. As part of the clean-up, the National Bank of Ukraine has leaned increasingly on stress testing to identify bad lending and to drive improvements in risk management practices. By Justin Pugsley.

Peteris Zilgalvis

EU desire for harmonisation risks stifling fintech development

Europe’s need for regulatory harmony may stand at odds with a need to adopt technology ahead of setting standards. By Dan Barnes.


Four steps to implementing the Senior Managers and Certification Regime

The extension of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime in the UK will reach vastly more firms, but many of them have yet to consider the impact of this far-reaching body of rules on their operations. By James Marshall, senior regulatory consultant at TCC.

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