Colin Chang

Corporate leveraged loans could face more rules after FSB investigation

Global supervisors have become increasingly twitchy over potential systemic risks with corporate leveraged loans being investigated as a possible catalyst to a future global financial crisis by the Financial Stability Board

Vladis Dombrovskis

EU equivalence reforms meandering towards a common ground

Reforms of the EU’s equivalence rules have been considerably complicated by Brexit. However, there is some hope in the industry that technical considerations will eventually triumph over politics

Rebecca Healey

‘Resented’ MiFID II makes global impact

Financial firms tend to dislike MiFID II, and those outside the EU tend to resent having to comply with some of its provisions, but evidence is emerging that there could be some benefits from compliance

Paul Myners

Big investor savings from research unbundling only tell part of the story

After nearly 20 years the UK regulators fight to manage inducements appears to have delivered great cost savings to asset managers, but that simple conclusion masks some complex factors.

For sale sign

New paper finds real estate booms have two-phase impact on credit supply

A new paper published by the ECB raises interesting questions about the transmission mechanisms of property bubbles and suggests that they have a potentially distortionary impact on the supply of credit to other parts of the economy

EU flag

Bond diversification may not break 'doom loop' for all European banks

Moves are afoot within the eurozone to force banks to diversify their holdings of bonds for regulatory capital to help end the 'doom loop' between banks and their host countries. However, a new paper argues that such efforts could be counterproductive

Fintech blindspot

Fintech revolution risks creating new blind spots in supervision

Technology is revolutionising financial services, but that transformation comes with considerable risks that supervisors must get on top of if they are to keep the financial system safe

Chinese flag

Asifma calls on China to make further asset management reforms

Asifma has laid out a series of recommendations covering regulatory clarity, taxation and guidance that it hopes the Chinese authorities will apply to the oversight of foreign asset managers

European Central Bank

ECB takes over direct supervision of Latvian bank

Latvia’s PNB Banka has won a case to see itself supervised by the ECB rather than its home regulator amidst a background of corruption claims and accusations of unfair treatment