Ulrik Nødgaard

Doubts grow over EU implementation of Basel III

There are growing doubts over how faithfully the EU will transpose the finalised Basel framework into its regulatory regime as a potential recession looms over Europe.

SVP maggots

EU tightens equivalence rules game

The UK’s pending departure from the EU has potentially weaponised its equivalence process, which decides if third country-based financial services firms can sell into the union, leaving many financial firms concerned.

David Biggin

UK consults over its regulatory regime as Brexit looms

The UK Treasury is consulting over certain aspects of the UK’s financial regime ahead of Brexit

Julian van Kan

UK’s resolution regime disclosure requirements spook banks

The UK is the second country to roll out a comprehensive firm-specific resolution regime for banks, but before it even goes live there are already concerns being expressed over the public disclosure aspects of it. 

Bitcoin and cards

FCA attempts delicate balancing act for crypto-asset regulation

The UK authorities are looking to bring more clarity and better definitions around crypto-assets in a bid to spur innovation whilst also protecting consumers

Mortgage default

Bank of England paper promotes ‘triple trigger’ theory for mortgage defaults

A Bank of England working paper further challenges the ‘option theory’ for mortgage defaults and finds the widely accepted ‘double trigger hypothesis’ to be potentially lacking as an explanation for non-payment

Daniel Carpenter

US research houses pondering MiFID II compliance at home

The research unbundling measures contained in MiFID II are already impacting US investment research firms, creating a dilemma for the SEC over what approach it should take on its home turf

Bank dealing room

Norges Bank paper warns of faults with Libor replacements

A working paper from the Norwegian central bank points to some important flaws related to the alternative interest rate benchmarks being primed to replace the discredited Libor.

Marie-Charlotte Henseval, SWIFT

SWIFT expands its KYC services as banks prioritise AML fight

SWIFT expands its KYC Registry to include corporates as banks battle with compliance and increasingly large fines related to money laundering breaches.