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Gerhard Hofmann

Commission’s capital requirements review sparks mixed responses

Market participants are unsure whether capital charges for small business loans need reviewing, and how this fits with promoting capital markets.

Data gaps initiative runs into confidentiality fears

Efforts to collect and publish more granular data on banks and asset managers could risk revealing market-sensitive information.

EU mulls radical EMIR overhaul

The European Securities and Markets Authority wants a new approach to the clearing obligation on derivatives and to recognition of third-country clearing houses.

Prospects fading for US IFRS option

The regulator and the standard-setter in the US show increasing reluctance to consider allowing companies to use the accounting standards applied in Europe and many other jurisdictions.

Concerted push to modify leverage ratio

Industry participants are stepping up their argument that the inclusion of segregated client collateral in the leverage ratio will deter banks from providing derivative clearing services.

Call for extra research on bank ratios

The European Commission wants more information on applying the leverage and net stable funding ratios proportionately, and on how lending and financial market liquidity will be affected.

China removes key bank ratio

The lifting of a cap on bank loan-to-deposit ratios is intended to reduce incentives for the growth of shadow banking and increase the efficiency of bank lending to the real economy.

Call for greater regulatory coordination in China

The Financial Stability Board has urged the different Chinese regulators to work together more closely to discourage arbitrage between the banking and shadow banking sectors.

Insurers question higher loss absorbency

Industry bodies warn of uncertainty due to ongoing reviews of the definitions of systemic insurers and non-traditional activities.

EU ducks hedge fund equivalence decision

ESMA has recommended only three jurisdictions for equivalence that would allow funds to passport their products across the EU.