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Federico Cabanas

EBA gears up to defend CVA capital plan

European Banking Authority proposals to calculate excess credit valuation adjustment risk for potential supervisory capital add-ons have been widely criticised.

Alexander Schindler

Basel causes confusion with step-in risk concept

The Basel Committee seems to be targeting banks’ asset-backed vehicles, but asset managers fear they will bear the brunt of any new rules.

Chris Whalen

Negative rates reinvigorate US stress test process

The US 2016 stress test scenarios suggest a switch of focus from monitoring banks’ data management to more groundbreaking risk analysis.

Edite Ligere

Insurers remain unconvinced by attempts to identify systemic risk

The industry believes the International Association of Insurance Supervisors has not focused enough on the impact of an insurer’s default.

Martin Moloney

Regulators play down bond market liquidity risks

Better buy-side liquidity management and ongoing technological changes are seen as the answer, not a roll-back of post-crisis regulation.

Soraya Belghazi

ESMA provides partial relief for EU repo markets

A redrafted technical standard on settlement discipline has addressed most concerns, but will still pose a major challenge to securities financing markets in Europe.

Gregory Baer

Calls for US to close gap with international standards on TLAC

Industry responses to the Federal Reserve’s consultation urge the regulator to align US standards more closely with those proposed by the Financial Stability Board.

Financial Stability Board reviews macroprudential tools

The G20 nations want regulators to examine past experience of using macroprudential frameworks to protect financial stability, to see if they work and how they can be improved with better cooperation.

US regulator questions bank resolution

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis president Neel Kashkari believes regulators would still be unlikely to bail in a large bank during a period of economic turbulence.

Proportionality moves up EU agenda

EU member states have joined industry bodies in asking the European Commission to draft and implement regulations that respect the lower systemic importance of smaller banks.