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Blind spots remain over shadow banking activity

Shadow banks are a source of growing concern for regulators given their growth and size and the Financial Stability Board has identified gaps that need to be closed to make the sector easier to understand and supervise

Martin R. Götz and Tobias H. Tröger

CoCo viability threatened by the ‘wrong’ investors

Lack of investor understanding and the wrong kind of investors could undermine the role of contingent convertible bonds in the regulatory framework


Funding ratios could help predict bank failures

Two central bank staff have identified a type of ratio which could have accurately predicted the banks that were going to fail in the run up to the financial crisis – but do they still hold predictive qualities? 

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Learning to love bankers, again

European economies are being caught in cross-fire between higher capital requirements for banks and ever more aggressive monetary stimulus policies from the European Central Bank

Jonathan Hill

Europe takes stock of the regulatory blitz

As the onslaught of drafting new rules draws to an end, European regulators step back to consider their combined impact on the financial sector and the wider economy in light of the continent’s sub-par economic performance. By Justin Pugsley

Whistle-blower to be awarded $5m-$6m by SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission has made its third largest award ever to an informant who revealed securities violations at the company they worked for. 

US cracking down on banking secrecy following Panama Papers

The Obama administration's moves to clamp down on tax avoidance could be frustrated by a divided Congress

OCC fires warning shot over bank real estate exposures

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency was banks over 'frothy' apartment markets in four major US cities

Industry welcomes ESMA move on trade disclosures

Industry welcomes moves by the European Securities and Markets Authority to reconsider new rules on pre- and post-trade reporting requirements 

China still pondering creating financial super-regulator

China studies UK model as it considers whether to create its own financial super-regulator