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EU calls on Basel to reconsider leverage and funding ratios

European Commission calls on the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision to revisit its rules on the leverage ratio and net stable funding ratio after it finds evidence that they risk hindering some financial markets.

Swap dealers given another month to comply with OTC rules

Aping the move by other regulators around the world, the US Commodity Futures and Trading Commission has delayed the implementation of OTC derivatives rules for swap dealers.

Dodd-Frank ‘costing the US billions of dollars’

The Dodd-Frank Act is costing US financial firms billions of dollars to implement and hindering the economy, according to a think tank.

Leverage ratio could shift OTC markets back into the shadows

The leverage ratio risks pushing many over-the-counter derivatives back into opaque bilateral trading arrangements going against the wishes of regulators to see more of them centrally cleared.

China central bank to help regulate bond markets

People’s Bank of China to get involved in regulating bond market in what could the the early beginnings of forming a ‘super-regulator’.

China gets tough on P2P lending

China tightens regulation of P2P lending platform following spate of scandals.


Regulatory threat looms over FX markets

Will a voluntary code be enough to reinforce good behaviour in the global foreign exchange market following a number of scandals in recent years?

Damien Burke

IFRS 9 to impact compliance risk roles

IFRS-9 will have a significant influence on how losses on loans are calculated and will also impact the role of compliance officers

Dermott Harriss

Data concerns linger as MAR goes live

Market participants worry about data requirements, which could leave them open to legal and regulatory challenges. 

Alan Morrison

Culture is the key to regulation compliance

Regulation may provide the parameters for acceptable conduct, but culture is potentially more important in its ability to drive compliance not just to the letter, but also in spirit.