Latest articles from Justin Pugsley

Eight banks accused by EC of distorting market competition in bonds

It appears that the European Commission has unearthed another conduct related scandal, this time involving distorting competition in the trade in eurozone government bonds

Non-bank financial entities continue to expand, but at slower pace - FSB

Non-bank financial entities, sometimes called shadow banks, are continuing to grow says the FSB, albeit at a slower pace. Nonetheless, it has identified some areas where systemic risks could be lurking

China further liberalises its capital markets to foreign investors

China’s regulators are taking further steps to make it easier for foreign investors to participate in its domestic capital markets

Spike in Italian bond yields poses challenges for bank refinancing - BoI governor

Spikes in Italian debt yields and spreads leaves the country’s banks vulnerable to refinancing challenges, the governor of the Bank of Italy said at a conference

FCA asks firms to have contingency plans in areas outside its control

The FCA asks for financial firms to have contingency plans in place in areas it does not cover in the event the UK leaves the EU without a deal on March 29

ESMA makes clarifications around reporting requirements in case of hard Brexit

ESMA makes clarifications around reporting requirements for derivatives transactions under Emir in the event the UK leaves the EU on March 29 without a deal

PBoC sets up macro-prudential bureau to curb systemic risks

China’s central bank has established a new macro-prudential management bureau with a view to improving the detection and management of systemic risks in the financial system

US agencies should tailor stress tests more around risk profiles - BPI

US agencies urged to incorporate a more risk-based approach as part of their review of the US stress testing regime

SEC ponders alignment with EU on investment research funding

Under industry pressure, the SEC is considering allowing EU rules over research unbundling to be applied in the US

EY says banks and regulators need to quickly adapt to emerging risks

With much of the global standard setting complete, EY warns in its 2019 regulatory outlook that the industry faces risks around market fragmentation and from greater digitisation