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OFR warns of rising contagion risk and CCP concentration

The US Treasury's research arm has warned that clearing houses could become a "single point of vulnerability" if they lack the resources to withstand a larger member default.

US government guarantees 61% of financial system

The Richmond Federal Reserve says the level of explicit and implicit state guarantees is still high enough to pose the risk of moral hazard in the financial system. 

Two banks settle dark pool charges

Barclays and Credit Suisse have agreed to pay $150m to settle charges that they misled users of their dark pool trading venues about the presence of aggressive participants using the systems.

Fed hikes credit losses in 2016 stress test scenarios

The 2016 adverse scenario for US banks will include a larger widening of credit spreads and negative US short-term interest rates.

Vote backs muni bonds HQLA status

Legislators from both US political parties have backed a reform that would allow banks to include US municipal bonds in their liquidity buffers.

US living wills prompt funding questions

Non-bank systemic financial institutions in the US have sought to add more detail to their 2016 living wills, but large funding requirements for some systemic banks continue to raise doubts about the viability of their resolution plans.

Elizabeth Warren

CFTC exempts inter-affiliate swap margin

The US regulator will please Wall Street but has provoked ire from Democrat politicians.

Mary Jo White

US regulators target dark pools and trading algos

US regulators have put dark pools and automated trading systems firmly in their sights, to address financial stability and fairness concerns.

SEC caps mutual funds' use of derivatives

Funds will potentially face an absolute limit on notional derivatives exposure and will need to set up a formal derivative risk management programme including segregated assets to pay margin calls.

Fed confirms 0% counter-cyclical capital buffer

The US regulators will consider a wide range of indicators of systemic risk to raise capital during periods of rising risk taking.