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Liew Chin-Chong

Futures law reform to bolster China’s capital markets

Recently announced changes to China’s futures laws will have a profound impact on the country’s financial sector and are another step towards the internationalisation of the renminbi.

Lars Overby

Eurozone held in check by ‘paradox of strengthening’

Predictions that euro-area Covid NPL numbers would eclipse 2007-9 global financial crisis levels look premature, but the final figure and the correct policy response are still unclear.   

Monetary Authority of Singapore

Singapore Libor transition plan “aggressive but achievable”

Singapore is poised to take the next step in transitioning its interest rate benchmark in April with a ban on issuing swap offer rates (SOR) cash products, as the city-state also sticks to its target to transition most SOR derivatives by end of the third quarter, 2021 - a plan which the country’s leading bank says “is aggressive but achievable”.