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Banks told to incorporate Covid-19 ‘lessons’ in their resolution planning

The 2021 resolution plans filed by the eight largest and most complex US banks will have to detail how they integrated lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic on top of the usual core elements, two prudential regulators have said. 

Christian Lee

FSB throws CCP equity on the line in resolution consultation

The FSB has once again waded into the controversial debate over who pays when a clearing house goes under and in a consultation paper is looking at a range of options including the use of equity

FSB consults on CCP resources for resolution

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) is consulting on guidance around the adequacy of financial resources of central counterparty clearing houses (CCP) in the event of them failing and going into resolution.

Amélie Champsaur

BRRD could be sidelined in the event of widespread bank failures

With Europe sliding into a deep economic slumber following the Covid-19 pandemic, questions are being asked about the state of some the continent’s banks and whether BRRD is up to resolving them if it comes to that

US regulators extend consultation period for foreign bank resolution plans

US federal prudential regulators have extended the consultation period for proposed guidance for resolution plans submitted by certain large foreign banks by 30 days. 

IMF warns about vulnerable banking systems

As a result of the economic turmoil unleashed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the banking systems of some countries may have to be recapitalised or restructured, the IMF warned. 

Swiss banks living wills approved, but some need improvement

The recovery and resolution plans or living wills of the two largest Swiss banks have been given the green light by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), but some of the smaller institutions need to make improvements.

Agencies finalise living wills framework amendments

US regulators have finalised rules that modify the resolution planning requirements, or living wills, for banks.

Living wills of foreign banks given clean bill of health

With no major shortcomings having been found, US regulators decided to sign off on the resolution plans of 82 foreign banks operating in the US.

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UK’s resolution regime disclosure requirements spook banks

The UK is the second country to roll out a comprehensive firm-specific resolution regime for banks, but before it even goes live there are already concerns being expressed over the public disclosure aspects of it.