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Henning von Sachsen-Altenburg

Firms should not overlook conduct risks in switch to RFRs

Much of the discussion over switching from Libor to RFRs is around technicalities, such as value transfer and crucial though these factors are, firms should not overlook the conduct risks involved in the transition.


Cleaning up Hong Kong’s IPO market faces several more years of reforms

Hong Kong’s huge success in attracting IPOs masks the fact that its stock market is still plagued with conduct issues and it is likely that there are several more years of regulatory reforms to come 

Damon Batten

China seeks compliance with EU rules as it internationalises its benchmarks

As part of making their benchmarks internationally usable by regulated financial firms, Chinese providers are increasingly looking to comply with the EU benchmarks regulation as a stamp of approval

US regulators step up pressure on firms to be ready for Libor demise

As part of ramping up the pressure on financial firms, US regulators are asking them to submit plans demonstrating that they are ready to cope with the likely end of the London interbank offered rate (Libor) in 2021.

FSB sounds further warnings on Libor’s threat to financial stability

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) once again warned about the financial stability implications due to the ongoing reliance of the global economy on the London interbank offered rate (Libor) and pressed for greater effort to move to alternative benchmarks by the end of 2021.

FSB finds concentrated holdings of leveraged loans and CLOs

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) said in a report that most leveraged loans are originated and held by banks, and they have the largest exposure to the sector and note the increasing role of non-bank financial institutions.

BIS blames hedge funds for worsening repo market volatility

The Bank for International Settlements says the actions of leveraged hedge funds exacerbated volatility in the US repo markets.

David Clark

EU countries attempt CMU reboot

The capital markets union has been an EU dream that never seems to quite materialise. An initiative by seven EU countries is attempting to push it forward, but most commentators are sceptical of it succeeding 

Chris Woolard

FCA ponders UK rules post-Brexit

A conversation is beginning around the future of the UK’s regulatory regime post-Brexit, with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) talking about adopting a broader outcomes-based approach and is even questioning disclosure levels. By Justin Pugsley 

Scott O'Malia

Derivatives industry needs tech revolution as it struggles with ageing infrastructure

ISDA is trying to renew the infrastructure supporting the derivatives market in an effort to support more standardisation and digitisation so as to increase efficiency