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ESMA values EU derivatives market at €660tn with clearing rates rising

ESMA values EU derivatives market at €660tn and notes progress towards more derivatives being cleared

RFR working group encouraged by small take up of rivals to Ibor rates

RFR Working Group encouraged by small, but growing momentum to use reference rates put forward as alternatives to discredited Ibors

Eurex experiences trade opening delay raising questions over resilience

Worries over market infrastructure raised after Eurex experiences delays in opening for trading on Monday, 15 October

ESMA updates European Parliament on regulatory progress

Esma updates EU parliament on MiFID and MiFIR progress, capital markets union and preparations for the UK’s departure from the EU.

Asia struggling to meet EU benchmarks regulation deadline

Asian benchmark administrators are increasingly concerned that EU supervised firms may become cut off from Asian markets as non-EU administrators struggle to register their benchmarks

CFTC threatens EU institutions US market access over CCP oversight

CFTC chair threatens EU with blocking access to US clearing facilities if EU doesn’t relent on some of its proposals for overseeing overseas clearing houses

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Fast-paced markets test central bank supervisory capabilities

The commoditisation of data and the electronification of financial markets has led to new types of trading, which are increasingly challenging central bank mandates over managing areas such as monetary policy, a BIS report warns. By Dan Barnes

J Christopher Giancarlo

Can the CFTC crack cross-border swaps?

CFTC chairman J Christopher Giancarlo has been on a charm offensive in a bid to win over other regulators towards creating a more level playing field for cross-border swaps regulation. By Farah Khalique

Matt Smith

Could Brexit spell a big rethink of MiFID II?

Much criticism has been hurled at MiFID II over its complexity, which has led to enormous compliance difficulties and some implementation delays. Could Brexit spark a major rethink of the regime? By Matt Smith, CEO at SteelEye.


Juncker calls for deeper capital markets as CMU struggles to be born

European Commission president calls for deeper EU capital markets and a greater global role for the euro