Raising US bank capital buffers could be prudent says Fed governor

A governor of the US Federal Reserve sees an argument for raising the capital buffers of big banks in light of growing financial imbalances  

Isabelle Vaillant

Breakthrough on stalled EU banking package

November 2018 saw some important movement among EU law-makers on the banking package, which should help pave the way for the block's long delayed banking union. By Farah Khalique.

G20 reforms have not negatively impacted infrastructure finance, says FSB

G20 reforms are not the primary reason for constraining infrastructure finance from banks, said the FSB, instead attributing it to other factors such as the macro-financial environment

FSB: number of G-SIBs declines by one

The number of G-SIBs has fallen by one in the FSB’s latest classification with two leaving the list and one joining

Basel III implementation progressing, but some measures facing delays

Basel Committee reports that Basel III implementation is progressing with banks being better capitalised, but is concerned that some measures are facing implementation delays in some jurisdictions

Fed warns over high leverage building up in the economy

In its first stability report, the US Federal Reserve Board has flagged up a range of leverage-related and geopolitical issues, which pose risks to the financial system

Non-bank financials continue to drive global credit growth, says BIS

Whereas cross-border bank credit continues to shrink, overall credit growth continues to be supported by non-bank financial institutions.

Basel Committee slams ‘window dressing’ behaviour by banks

Basel Committee warns that it is considering further measures to drive compliance with the leverage ratio following spats of market volatility related to bank 'window dressing'

Former Fed chief Yellen warns over huge deterioration in some lending standards

Former Fed chair Janet Yellen voices concern over huge deterioration in lending standards to corporates and over the deregulation agenda being pursued by US president Donald Trump

Charlie Browne

Basel Committee proposes new ways for leverage ratio treatment of client cleared derivatives

Basel Committee proposes two possible ways for offsetting margin for client cleared derivatives for the leverage ratio, but says it is up to the industry to come up with compelling evidence to justify a change