APRA reconsidering regulatory approach following Royal Commission’s findings

Following findings from Australia’s Financial Services Royal Commission, APRA is likely to review its regulatory approach and focus much more on conduct issues

RFR working group encouraged by small take up of rivals to Ibor rates

RFR Working Group encouraged by small, but growing momentum to use reference rates put forward as alternatives to discredited Ibors

ESMA values EU derivatives market at €660tn with clearing rates rising

ESMA values EU derivatives market at €660tn and notes progress towards more derivatives being cleared

Non-bank financials continue to drive global credit growth, says BIS

Whereas cross-border bank credit continues to shrink, overall credit growth continues to be supported by non-bank financial institutions.

SFC makes it easier for public whistleblowers to report misconduct

Hong Kong public encouraged by the SFC to report on suspected cases of market abuse as the regulator seeks to further curb activities such as insider trading and share price manipulation

Eurex experiences trade opening delay raising questions over resilience

Worries over market infrastructure raised after Eurex experiences delays in opening for trading on Monday, 15 October

PRA wants to delay some liquidity reporting requirements

PRA consults on delaying certain aspects of liquidity reporting so as to mitigate risks to supervising liquidity

S&P warns over default risks associated with China local government debt vehicles

Credit rating agencies have been warning over risks associated with local government debt vehicles in China, which could trigger a wave of company defaults should they run into trouble

CFTC threatens EU institutions' US market access over CCP oversight

CFTC chair threatens EU with blocking access to US clearing facilities if EU does not relent on some of its proposals for overseeing overseas clearing houses

Prudential Financial removed from too big to fail list

Prudential Financial becomes last US insurer to shake off the ‘too big to fail’ designation, with critics seeing it as a significant roll back of the Dodd-Frank Act