Charlie Browne

The lessons of Lehman live on in data lineage

One of the great lessons of the collapse of Lehman Brothers was the lack of data surrounding its operations and relationships with counter-parties. Since then there has been an intense focus on data quality with considerable progress made. By Charlie Browne, head of market data and risk at GoldenSource.

Tenette Abanilla

Emerging market firms getting drawn into the net of Western regulations

Regulatory tomes such as MiFID are predominantly for EU-located firms, but such is their growing extra-territorial reach, particularly for non-EU firms wishing to trade with EU entities, that emerging market players are being forced to comply with many aspects of these frameworks at considerable cost. By Tenette Abanilla, director and chief operating officer at Dinosaur Merchant Bank.

Ashley Alder

Brexit could set tone for cross-border regulatory arrangements

Any EU/UK deal on financial services could significantly influence how other jurisdictions recognise third country financial services providers. By Justin Pugsley.

Most central banks sceptical over benefits of launching new digital currencies

Most central banks do not yet see enough potential benefits from launching digital currencies with the greatest interest in them emanating from emerging market countries, according to a BIS survey

AI conference

AI raises new governance challenges for regulators and industry

Such is the unique nature of artificial intelligence in that inputs don’t produce predictable outputs that regulators and industry will have to think carefully about the governance structures surrounding this unique technology

Bill Stenning

Dealers versus clearers: a battle of living wills

A recent consultation by the Financial Stability Board has further highlighted a deep schism in the industry over the procedures for resolving a failing clearing house

Basel Pillar 3 disclosure requirements finalised following consultation

Following a consultation in February 2018, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has updated its Pillar 3 disclosure requirements covering areas such as credit risk

Basel Committee proposes additional leverage ratio disclosures to prevent regulatory arbitrage

Basel Committee has launched a consultation as it seeks to close possible window dressing efforts by banks to flatter their leverage ratio numbers by asking for more data under Pillar 3 disclosures

Chris Childs

FSB urges jurisdictions to remove legal barriers and share more derivatives data

The FSB is keen to see financial centre share more data about derivatives trades to drive greater transparency, but this does mean tackling legal barriers in individual jurisdictions  

Central Banker 2019

Central Banker of the Year 2019

GRR's sister publication, The Banker's, annual Central Banker of the Year awards celebrate the officials that have best managed to stimulate growth and stabilise their economy.