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First line of defence 'must take the lead' on risk controls

Financial institutions should review their approach to internal control functions in light of the increasing and evolving demands being placed on them, according to a new report from Deloitte. 

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Generative AI a new dawn of challenges and opportunities for banks

The technology that drives ChatGPT could revolutionise how banks manage complex and time-consuming processes in areas like compliance, but it will come with risks. 

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Accelerating the digitalisation of operational risk

The financial services landscape has changed drastically in recent years, with digitalisation accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this rapid shift, the digitalisation of operational risk still has to catch up.

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To unlock automation in financial services first focus on data extraction

The senior vice-president product at Eigen Technologies, a platform that provides automated data extraction and processing solutions, suggests an upfront focus on fundamental weaknesses in existing data will lead to better outcomes when seeking to improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness via new data solutions.

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Regulators keep close eye on commercial real estate

Cracks in the $20tn commercial real estate market are piling pressure on exposed lenders, just as regulators urgently steer troubled banks to avert a full-blown banking crisis. 


BCBS to review Basel III in the wake of recent bank failures

Recent bank failures in the US and the demise of Credit Suisse have prompted the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision to review the Basel III package, but this is unlikely to affect the implementation dates, says a source close to the BCBS. 

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Shadow banks increasingly in regulators’ sights

After years of watchful waiting, financial regulators are starting to crack down on the ballooning $239.3tn shadow banking sector. 

BoE recognises CFTC supervision of US clearing houses in the UK

Increased co-operation between US and UK supervisors aims to reduce duplication of effort, while preserving regulatory standards

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Financial industry braces for growing wave of climate litigation

Financial services institutions are reassessing their risk of being sued in climate-related lawsuits following a glut of high-profile cases. 

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Inconsistent ESG ratings due a regulatory shake-up

The use and influence of ESG ratings has grown considerably in recent years, but regulators are concerned about how reliable these metrics really are.