Banks recover 75% of defaulted debts from large corporate borrowers

A new report based on comprehensive bank data-sets finds that banks tend to recover 75% of debts from defaulting larger corporate borrowers

Mark Davison

Machine learning starts making headway into finance despite scepticism

Machine learning is rapidly expanding across the economy, but its inroads into finance have been limited so far due to concerns around trust. But that is changing with even regulators turning more positive towards the technology

Marcus Schueler

IOSCO final bond trading report has echoes of MiFID II

IOSCO’s final report on secondary corporate bond markets was widely welcomed by the industry and is seen as a good template for creating more harmonised regimes around the world

Tim Lind

Data pooling for NMRF proves challenging for industry

On the face of it data pooling looks like an ideal solution to enable banks to ensure certain illiquid instruments they trade don’t become non-modelable attracting large capital charges in the process. But in practice, making this work is proving to be far from easy.

Basel progress report urges consistent implementation of standards as some areas lag

The Basel Committee’s most recent progress report finds that member jurisdictions are up to speed in implementing much of the Basel III framework, but nonetheless highlights some areas of concern.

Regulatory divergence costs financial institutions $780bn a year

Regulatory divergence is costing financial institutions $780bn a year and is diverting resources away from risk management and is a tax on global economic growth.

Ease of application may trump sensitivity in bank trading book says Basel’s Coen

Simpler approaches to managing market risk could be in the best interests of banks, the Basel Committee’s general secretary told an ISDA event.

Standard setters provide guidance on non-UTI and UPI data for OTC derivatives

IOSCO and the CPMI publish guidance for regulators on non-UTI and UPI data elements for OTC derivatives reporting

FSB signals pivot in priorities towards implementation

FSB pivots its priorities in post-crisis world towards implementing standards rather than coming up with new policies.

ISDA elects new board members and broadens CCP representation

The ISDA has announced four new appointments covering three geographies to its board and broadened CCP representation

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