Regulators collaborate to form global fintech sandbox

Eleven regulators club together to launch global sandbox to foster shared experiences among participants and to help fintech firms scale up more quickly in several jurisdictions at once

US dollar borrowing being driven by debt securities

US dollar credit to non-banks based outside the US continued to grow at a steady clip, driven by debt securities issuance


Regulators struggling with disruption should look to James Bond for inspiration

Most financial firms expect their industry to be disrupted and to change considerably in the coming years, which will pose challenges for supervisors. In a bid to keep pace, they could draw inspiration from the way the fictitious spy James Bond operates. By Scott Paton, financial services expert at PA Consulting.

Fintech threat

Traditional banks face up to fintech threat

The rise of fintech poses a threat to traditional banking with even the big tech giants taking an interest in the sector. However, despite banks suffering with siloed structures and often high costs, they should not be written off. By Justin Pugsley.

FSB consults on LEI adoption by member states

FSB conducting a thematic peer review on member adoption of legal entity identifiers and is seeking feedback from interested parties

FSB decides cryptocurrencies need monitoring

FSB plans to monitor potential impact of cryptocurrencies but warns over lack of data.

Simone di Castri

Supervisors turn to automation to handle data deluge

Such are the growing demands in supervision, whether it be related to anti-money laundering or picking up market abuse, that regulators are being forced to turn to technology or ‘sup-tech’. By Dan Barnes.

Constance Usherwood

FSB draws mixed responses over infrastructure finance findings

Market participants and industry associations have given mixed reactions to the FSB’s findings on the impact of regulation on infrastructure finance. By Farah Khalique.

Andrew Bailey

Industry scrambles for solutions to make new interest rate benchmarks work

The determination of regulators to ditch the use of the Ibor interest rate benchmarks and swap them for new ones is increasing concern among some market participants that the replacements will not be up to the job. By Farah Khalique.

Feedback sought on governance arrangements for OTC derivatives data

CPMI and Iosco seek feedback on governance arrangements for OTC derivatives data elements relating to UTIs and UPIs