Banks fear ECB could ask them to shift more capital and staff into EU

A probe by the European Central Bank (ECB) into how global banks conduct their business in the EU could escalate tensions between the bloc and the UK over relocating capital and senior staff. 

AMF’s 2022 priorities include engaging with Europe and promoting sustainable finance

Europe, retail investment, sustainable finance and modernisation are the top four 2022 priorities for the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the French financial markets authority. 

ESMA consults on pilot DLT regulatory regime

Stakeholders are being asked for their views about a pilot regulatory regime for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). 

Inclusion of nuclear and gas in EU taxonomy triggers backlash

Including nuclear and gas in the European Commission’s (EC’s) green taxonomy has triggered a ruckus among member states with some countries accusing the EU’s executive arm of greenwashing. 

Nagel takes over as Bundesbank president

Joachim Nagel was nominated as president of the Deutsche Bundesbank on December 20, 2021, by the German government and comes from a markets and IT background rather than a monetary one. 

Tamara Cizeika

Regulators rush to avert looming ‘green’ mis-selling scandal

Regulators are having to respond fast to avert a wide scale greenwashing scandal on the back of the explosive growth in ESG investments.  

David Strachan

Reg Outlook 2022: A mix of continuity and novelty

The financial services regulatory agenda for the year ahead is packed. Work is afoot on multiple large-scale issues including sustainability, operational resilience, technological (especially digital) innovation, the prudential framework and more. This article explores some of the key initiatives that will drive regulation and supervision in 2022.

Wind and solar

Reg Outlook 2022: A willingness to legislate on climate change

A little remarked-upon but potentially transformational announcement to come out of COP26 in Glasgow was the creation of the International Sustainability Standards Board, which could streamline a plethora of ESG standards. 

Matt Smith

European Commission doubles down on consolidated tape to support CMU

The European Commission is pushing for a consolidated tape as a cornerstone of the EU’s single market for capital. Industry sources say it is long overdue and will require close attention to detail. 

Swiss flag

FINMA encourages Swiss crypto boom

Switzerland has emerged as a hotbed of blockchain innovation and is pioneering capital market technologies thanks to the benign regulatory regime established under the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.