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Leonie Schreve

Environmental risk pushes onto financial stability agenda

The G20 and UN are keen to find a way to incorporate sustainability issues into financial regulation.

China removes key bank ratio

The lifting of a cap on bank loan-to-deposit ratios is intended to reduce incentives for the growth of shadow banking and increase the efficiency of bank lending to the real economy.

Call for greater regulatory coordination in China

The Financial Stability Board has urged the different Chinese regulators to work together more closely to discourage arbitrage between the banking and shadow banking sectors.

Ukraine provides first test of IMF’s new sovereign debt restructuring policy

Natalie Jaresko

The International Monetary Fund unveiled a new approach in 2014 to countries whose debt burden might not be sustainable. Now Ukraine’s creditors will test that commitment.

Bermuda seeks full Solvency II equivalence

Switzerland is the only country granted full and permanent equivalence to the EU's Solvency II insurance regime under the first wave of decisions by the European Commission, but Bermuda is determined to follow suit.

Financial Stability Board focuses on liquidity and conduct

With bank prudential regulatory reform initiatives drawing to a close, the Financial Stability Board is looking at the risks posed by bond market illiquidity and misconduct in the financial sector.

Russian central bank suspends accounting rules

Russian banks will be allowed to prepare their 2014 financial reports based on an exchange rate calculated before the Russian rouble's recent plunge.

G20 nations hesitate on TLAC as Europe warns of unlevel playing field

G20 ministers

The G20 ministers asked the Financial Stability Board to conduct an impact study on bail-in proposals that are not yet compatible with EU resolution rules.

Financial Stability Board seeks more inclusive approach

The Financial Stability Board has proposed structural changes to allow for better inclusion of emerging market regulators in its decision-making process. 

Warm welcome for new rules fails to quell sovereign restructuring debate

Axel Kicillof

Investors have accepted new bond documentation clauses designed to ease a sovereign debt restructuring process, but some governments want more.