Japan’s FSA undertakes reorganisation to improve efficiency

Japan’s FSA has reorganised some of its bureaus so it can adapt to changing markets and technological developments and monitor them more efficiently

Lena Ng

Singapore resolution regime maintains narrow scope of bail-in instruments

Following a recent consultation, Singapore’s regulators are in the process of putting in the finishing touches to their bank resolution regime, and while it follows international guidelines closely, it does make one important deviation. By Justin Pugsley.

China crackdown on fintech firms hits float plans

Chinese fintech firms delay IPO plans as local regulators intensify crackdown on the non-banking financial sector 

Hong Kong to make LEIs mandatory from April 1, 2019

Hong Kong’s regulators are to apply most of the steps they outlined in an earlier consultation, such as mandating the use of legal entity identifiers and implementing a clearing obligation for standardised Australian dollar swaps

China winning battle against financial risks

China’s regulators appear to be winning their multi-year battle to curb risks to their financial system, according to a leading credit rating agency.

China opens up financial services to foreign investors

China moves to liberalise key sectors of its economy, such as financial services, to foreign investors to try and help ease global trade tensions.

Sonny Hsu

China rearranges regulatory furniture to tackle fast evolving financial sector

China has rearranged its regulatory furniture in the face of an increasingly opaque and complex financial system. But is it enough to secure financial stability?

China’s CBRIC collects 3 trillion records to gain better insight into financial system

The newly formed CBRIC has gathered over 3 trillion records so as to gain greater insight into China’s large and complex financial system

Tom Jenkins

Hong Kong OTC derivatives consultation aims to keep it aligned with global rules

Hong Kong has just closed a consultation on its over-the-counter derivatives regime and though it will have a marginal impact on global firms, it is nonetheless important so the jurisdiction stays in line with global norms.

National Bank of Australia

Australian banking scandal focuses spotlight on regulatory regime

A sense of complacency around financial regulation has become established in Australia following a quarter of a century of unbroken economic growth. However, a series of banking scandals is making the authorities there question the country’s supervisory regime