IMF calls on New Zealand to strengthen supervision

New Zealand’s banking system is basically in good shape, but the IMF nonetheless warns over vulnerabilities and calls for a strengthening of the country’s macro-prudential framework.

PBoC examines fintechs’ effect on financial system

China’s central bank has launched a study into the impact of the booming fintech sector on areas ranging from monetary policy through to financial stability. Justin Pugsley reports

China turns to securitisation to help NPL clean-up

Medium-sized Chinese banks given securitisation route to help tackle non-performing loan problems.

New China regulatory boss unleashes avalanche of directives

Only a few months into the job and Guo Shuqing, the chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, has hurled a barrage of directives at the financial sector in a bid to curtail risks.

China opens up part of financial services markets

Keen to turn itself into a global financial centre, China has opened up parts of its financial markets to foreign institutions. Justin Pugsley reports. 

China money market volatility flares up ahead of new regime

The People’s Bank of China has taken measures to curb shadow banking system, stoking money market volatility in the process. Justin Pugsley reports. 

China regulators determined to tighten rules

China’s regulators are talking with more determination about clamping down on the rapid rise of shadow banking and closing regulatory loopholes.

Three of Australia’s biggest banks face capital shortfall

Three of Australia’s largest banks need to raise more funds to meet a 10% minimum common equity tier 1 capital (CET1) ratio.

Hong Kong closer to making senior managers more accountable

Hong Kong moves closer to making senior managers more accountable for the actions of the regulated financial firms they manage.

Singapore skyline

Singapore takes pragmatic approach to fostering fintech

Singapore takes fostering fintech seriously and does so by taking a pragmatic and balanced approach ensuring that new ideas are not prematurely snuffed out by overly burdensome rules.

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