SFC fines Credit Suisse for breaches

Credit Suisse fined $39.3m by Hong Kong’s SFC, but escapes harsher penalties for reporting regulatory breaches and for taking remedial action.

SFC sounds more warnings over cryptocurrencies

The SFC makes further warnings on cryptocurrencies and writes to exchanges and ICO issuers to ensure they are compliant with Hong Kong’s rules.

Shaghai skyline

China’s fast-evolving shadow banks deepen links with formal sector

China’s rapidly evolving shadow banking sector has been affected by a raft of new rules, but is nonetheless finding ways to adapt and is deepening its links with the formal sector. By Justin Pugsley.

Japan planning shake-up of its regulatory system

Japan plans to revise its financial regulatory system to inject more competition in a move that could unleash fintech potential in the country.

SFC provides guidance on best execution

SFC provides licensed firms with guidance on best execution and safeguarding client interests

China looking to include more markets in its macro-prudential assessment

The People’s Bank of China is looking to include more credit type markets in its macro-prudential assessment to better capture growing systemic risks

China steps up fight against cryptocurrency trading

China ups fight against cryptocurrencies in a bid to protect domestic investors from scams and wild price volatility


Basel III: Far East regulators strive to maintain good reputation on implementation

Regulators in the Far East are often ahead of their counterparts in the US and Europe when it comes to implementing Basel standards. Despite some concerns over Basel III and regional variations they are likely to try and maintain their reputation for being good ‘Basel citizens’.

Asia-Pacific derivatives activity continues strong growth

Data pulled together by ISDA shows derivatives trading continues to grow strongly across the Asia-Pacific region. Justin Pugsley reports.

MAS: Culture is the lynchpin of a safe and sound financial system

No amount of regulatory reforms can make the financial system secure if the conduct of firms and individuals is flawed, says the deputy managing director at the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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