Angelo Ranaldo

Regulatory reforms distorting central bank monetary policy

Basel III and Emir have unleashed a series of unintended consequences on repo markets, which are distorting monetary policy transfer mechanisms

Geoff Hutton

Second phase of SFTR could trip up some firms

Some market participants appear to be overconfident in their ability to meet their SFTR obligations. They could be in for a shock as the new rules continue to be phased in. By Justin Pugsley.

Sonia Hierzig

Policy-makers hardening their stance on climate change reporting

The TCFD is one of the most high profile voluntary climate initiatives impacting the financial sector. However, moves are afoot to start mandating some aspects of climate change reporting contained in the framework

Morgane Fouche

The digitisation of financial services highlights regulatory and technological hotspots

The move towards the digitisation of financial products raises important questions around customer data, fairness and in dealing with vulnerable customers requiring financial firms to tread a careful path. By Suchitra Nair, director at Deloitte’s EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy and Morgane Fouché, assistant manager in Deloitte’s EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy. 

Malavika Solanki

UPI adoption gets nearer following DSB designation by FSB

UPIs are moving closer to industry adoption after the FSB designated the Derivatives Service Bureau as the service provider for these identifiers.

Patricia Sullivan

Efforts stepped up to save correspondent banking

Entire countries are at risk of being cut out of the global financial system due to de-risking, which is also holding back economic growth, leaving global standard-setters, banks and fintechs struggling to find a solution. By Farah Khalique.

William Yonge

Market participants lobbying over short Emir 2.1 timelines

Emir 2.1 contained some important changes requiring firms to make adjustments. However, the short timeline for implementing these changes has left many market participants unhappy 

Jeroen Van Doorsselaere

Think tank pushes for tweaks to Basel III to support emerging market banks

The stringent requirements contained in Basel III are making life difficult for emerging market countries and their banks leading to calls for the regime to be better calibrated for their needs

David Clark

Brexit and economic realities keep CMU dream alive

The capital markets union could provide a significant boost to the EU’s economy, but still faces a host of national hurdles, not least the lack of a clear road map, before becoming a reality

Katerina Katsiami

EU moves towards its own crypto-asset regime

Reports from Esma and the EBA suggest that the EU is moving closer to creating its own regime for regulating crypto-assets potentially forcing member states, which take an early lead in this area, to revise their own crypto rules