Mortgage default

Bank of England paper promotes ‘triple trigger’ theory for mortgage defaults

A Bank of England working paper further challenges the ‘option theory’ for mortgage defaults and finds the widely accepted ‘double trigger hypothesis’ to be potentially lacking as an explanation for non-payment

Bank dealing room

Norges Bank paper warns of faults with Libor replacements

A working paper from the Norwegian central bank points to some important flaws related to the alternative interest rate benchmarks being primed to replace the discredited Libor.

Justin Lyon

Tracking contagion risk could help contain financial crises

Being able to map contagion risks and interconnectedness could play an important role in helping regulators avert future financial crises, or at least ensure they are not as bad.

Randeep Battar

Digitisation becoming crucial for tackling regulatory fragmentation

As the number of rules increases, along with their interpretations by individual regulators, firms are having to turn to digital solutions so as not to become completely overwhelmed.

David Biggin

UK consults over its regulatory regime as Brexit looms

The UK Treasury is consulting over certain aspects of the UK’s financial regime ahead of Brexit

Daniel Carpenter

US research houses pondering MiFID II compliance at home

The research unbundling measures contained in MiFID II are already impacting US investment research firms, creating a dilemma for the SEC over what approach it should take on its home turf

Facebook’s Libra coin faces big regulatory hurdles

Authorities around the world are rounding on Facebook’s digital currency, the Libra, potentially threatening its launch. 

ESMA consults on consolidated tape

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) is consulting on the consolidated tape concerning prices for pre- and post-trade equities data. 

BaFin prepares for 'no deal' Brexit

Germany’s federal financial supervisory authority, BaFin, has implemented more than 50 laws in the event the UK leaves the EU on October 31 without a withdrawal agreement. 

EU approves key Singapore financial benchmarks

The European Commission has approved certain Singaporean financial benchmarks meaning that companies in the EU can continue using them for trading derivatives products that are linked to them.