PBoC cuts bank reserve ratio by 1%

PBoC cuts reserve requirements by 1% for banks to help sustain domestic economy and to ensure sufficient liquidity for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

US banks up to market volatility; CAMELS under review

Two US regulators have said that US banks can withstand market volatility, while one of them confirmed that CAMELS is to be reviewed.

Open banking rules hand edge to tech giants over banks

The EU’s Open Banking regime has handed an advantage to the big tech firms seeking to enter the financial services market, according to a survey published by digital bank, Pepper

Smaller UAE banks under regulatory pressure to merge

UAE market widely considered to be over-banked which is seeing regulators applying pressure on them to merge so as to help strengthen the financial system

US agencies consult on excluding community banks from Volcker rule

US agencies consulting on excluding certain community banks from Volcker rule requirements

US banking system well positioned to handle tough market conditions

Thanks to high levels of liquidity and capital, strong earnings and improved risk management, US banks are strongly placed to handle tough markets, said an OCC official

Raising US bank capital buffers could be prudent says Fed governor

A governor of the US Federal Reserve sees an argument for raising the capital buffers of big banks in light of growing financial imbalances  

Isabelle Vaillant

Breakthrough on stalled EU banking package

November 2018 saw some important movement among EU law-makers on the banking package, which should help pave the way for the block's long delayed banking union. By Farah Khalique.

G20 reforms have not negatively impacted infrastructure finance, says FSB

G20 reforms are not the primary reason for constraining infrastructure finance from banks, said the FSB, instead attributing it to other factors such as the macro-financial environment

FSB: number of G-SIBs declines by one

The number of G-SIBs has fallen by one in the FSB’s latest classification with two leaving the list and one joining