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Laurent Clerc

FSB fears climate-related contagion effects on financial system

The background to the Financial Stability Board’s latest climate change initiative is full of potentially profound implications for the global financial system.

John Yeap

Hong Kong’s push into carbon markets hobbled by lack of ‘trust’

Hong Kong is the latest entrant into the voluntary carbon market with a remit to channel much-needed overseas funds into mainland China. Its new regulatory regime needs to overcome a crippling lack of trust in offsets despite their vast growth prospects. 

Eric Usher

Interoperability of ESG standards key if ISSB is to succeed

Interoperability between standards is key if the much-vaunted International Sustainability Standards Board is to prove effective in setting a new regulatory global baseline on disclosures. The new Impact Management Platform may help bridge the gap across jurisdictions.

Isobel Edwards

Compromises necessary as EU green taxonomy collides with politics

The credibility of the EU’s landmark green taxonomy has taken a blow after the decision to categorise nuclear and natural gas as “green”. Yet the need for it – and taxonomies like it – is stronger than ever.

Jessica Camus

ESAP could be a boon for the EU’s green agenda, but faces challenges

The European Commission believes that its new European single access point to standardise data will remove a big barrier to effective use of ESG information. But how far it can achieve this on its own remains in question. 

Tamara Cizeika

Regulators rush to avert looming ‘green’ mis-selling scandal

Regulators are having to respond fast to avert a wide scale greenwashing scandal on the back of the explosive growth in ESG investments.  

Florian Rothenberg

EU carbon price spikes spark calls for dedicated regulator

Calls are being made for a dedicated regulator to oversee the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme amid warnings that dramatic speculative surges in the carbon price threaten support for the entire scheme. 

Thierry Philipponnat

IOSCO seeks to drive ESG ratings consistency

The plethora of opaque and often confusing ESG ratings methodologies could endanger the transition to a sustainable economy prompting IOSCO to wade in with suggestions on how to improve consistency. 

Marina Petroleka

New board to bring ‘welcome’ consolidation of ESG standards

The creation of an International Sustainability Standards Board promises to replace a patchwork of ESG company disclosures standards with a single set of global rules, but will prove challenging to implement. 

Felicity Hall

Regulators turn focus to the ‘S’ in ESG

As the prominence of the social dimension of ESG surges, regulators feel the necessity to intervene more forcefully to replace voluntary reporting with tougher standards.