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GRR focuses on the the regulation and supervision of international financial markets and institutions. It provides detailed analysis of regulation formulation of policy to its implementation. It reports on developments at all the key global bodies, as well as in the main jurisdictions, particularly the US and the EU. GRR is providing comprehensive coverage of the global regulatory overhaul that has been underway since the financial crisis, including the Basel III capital and liquidity reforms, the extensive revamp of securities and derivatives markets and international efforts to create a regulatory framework for dealing with cross-border bank failures. This involves intensive coverage of the Dodd-Frank financial reforms in the US and the MiFID process in the EU, as well as developments in the world of insurance, such as the Solvency II project. The publication also reports on developments in financial reporting and accounting procedures. In summary, the coverage spans the world of regulation as it impacts banking, insurance and the securities markets, as well as accounting where it relates to regulation.

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