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Jonathan Hill

Banking union must overcome bad loan threat

Italy’s pre-emptive bank resolutions underline the challenge that the new eurozone authorities must face to establish their credibility and make the system safer.

Guy Debelle

Regulators push banks to take the lead on addressing conduct risk

Efforts to improve management culture in global financial institutions still need to resolve tensions between rules and principles, especially on pay and incentives.

Regulators fret over shadow banking exposures

The Basel Committee is examining the risk of banks rescuing associated shadow banking entities, while the EU is pondering prudential requirements for investment firms that engage in bank-like activities.

U-turn on credit ratings in bank capital

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has acknowledged that dropping external credit ratings from the bank capital framework could lead to more complicated methods and less risk-sensitive results.

Call for proportionality on EU pay rules

The European Banking Authority wants less onerous rules on variable remuneration for smaller banks, but also hopes to curb national discretion on how to interpret proportionality.

Basel sets out 2016 priorities

The Basel Committee on Banking supervision wants to calibrate the leverage ratio for global systemic banks, and to finalise standardised floors for internal models used by banks to calculate risk-weighted assets.

Endorsement for net stable funding ratio

The European Banking Authority has advised the European Commission to implement the net stable funding ratio for banks in full, and asks for mandate to monitor potential regulatory arbitrage.

New secretary-general for Iosco

The new chief of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions wants to strengthen its global role as a standard setter and forge greater co-operation and information sharing.

Tepid response to MiFID delay

The European Parliament has instructed regulators to present a clear plan for preparing the systems needed to implement the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, in return for a one-year delay to its start date.

Regulators push for co-operation on cyber security

Financial market infrastructures have been warned that they cannot repel all cyber threats, and will need to work together to prepare for recovery after a successful attack.