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EU Parliament cautious on sovereign risk weights

There is a political divide between core and peripheral eurozone countries on the need for banks to assign risk weights to their sovereign debt exposures in order to calculate capital requirements.

Gradual approach for EU Bitcoin regulation

A report by the European Parliament suggests setting up a task force on virtual currencies under the auspices of the European Commission, to avoid rushing headlong into regulating a fast-evolving technology.

Shadow banking focus in EU stress test

The European Banking Authority is focusing on a smaller sample of banks in 2016 to enable more comparability in the results.

Collateral transformation could pose systemic risks

The International Organisation of Securities Commissions is calling for more data on the transformation and reuse of collateral to monitor potential systemic risks posed by interconnections between financial institutions.

Ram Ananth web

Banks still question new trading book rules

Although the Basel Committee has sought to pare back the capital impact of the fundamental review of the trading book, specific asset classes could suffer.

Ulrik Nodgaard

Basel credit rules grapple with national differences

The Basel Committee is struggling to reconcile the desire for global standards for calculating credit risk with differing national legislation and loss experiences.

Georges Duponcheele

Harmonisation is key obstacle to EU securitisation revival

The European Council has addressed some of the shortfalls in a plan for lower capital charges on qualifying deals, but originators could face a compliance overload.

Martina Baumgaerter, Allianz

Insurers ask for continuity on resolution planning

Responses to the Financial Stability Board concept show the industry wants rules that are consistent with diverse existing practices in each jurisdiction.

David Llewellyn

Pressure grows for more proportionate bank regulation

While smaller EU banks look to the US as a model for lighter reporting requirements, new entrants are more active in Europe.

Paul Sharma

EU wades into insurance systemic risk debate

The European Systemic Risk Board has proposed countercyclical rules to avoid firesales by distressed insurers and a build-up of systemic risk.