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President Xi

China’s regulatory crackdowns fray foreign investors’ nerves

Mounting regulatory and political pressures are pulling apart capital markets of the world’s two biggest economies, even as Wall Street firms ramp up their presence in China. 

Rory Green

China gears up for launch of digital currency – with global implications

Residents of Suzhou, an ancient city in the Yangtze Basin, recently pioneered China’s new digital currency – and banks and fintechs are taking note. 

Mike Pompeo

US-China tensions threaten further fragmentation of global financial system

Financial institutions are treading a wary path as US-China tensions escalate with the prospect of the global financial system being split between the two superpowers. 

ECB covid

Covid-19: European bank trading books pose financial stability risks

Though a decade of global financial reforms has made banks safer, the unusual nature of the Covid-19 pandemic nonetheless exposes European banks to greater than appreciated risks due to the opaque nature of their Level 2 and 3 assets

Paul Sharma

More banks likely to face regulatory sanctions as UK toughens stance on reporting

UK supervisors have lost patience with poor quality reporting by firms under their watch meaning many of them potentially face regulatory sanctions if they do not get their act together quickly. By Peter McGill  

Rishi Sunak

EU and UK prepare for tough talks on post-Brexit financial services

A great deal of uncertainty lingers as the EU and UK prepare to negotiate how they will oversee cross-border financial services business after Brexit 


Regulators still face steep learning curve on implications of bigtechs

Bigtech firms are not just a worry for incumbent banks, but are also a source of concern for regulators in terms of their impact on financial stability leading to individual supervisors to take their own approaches towards managing the risk.