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Robert Gothan

Solvency II: insurers raise their game

The insurance industry is adapting to the demands of the new Solvency II regulatory regime, but the unprecedented vote for Brexit could put a spanner in the works for UK insurers. By Farah Khalique.

Sam Malone

Granger causality model detects rising US systemic risk

Shadow banks are causing growing concern among supervisors and a model based on Granger causality from Moody’s Analytics shows that in the US at least, non-bank financials may indeed be a growing source of systemic risk

Associations plead with BCBS to revise RWA proposals

Bank associations warn of unintended consequences if the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision ploughs on with proposals to change risk models and revise the treatment of certain risk-weighted assets

Ethics – the missing regulatory pillar?

Good regulation properly applied will go a long way to reducing the number of financial scandals -–but creating a genuinely ethical culture within financial services should make them rarer still.

Basel warns against regulatory arbitrage

Institutions trying to push the capital envelope will be subject to extra regulatory scrutiny, says the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

UK financial lobbyists spent €34m on Brussels

Corporate Europe Observatory says UK firms are spending millions on trying to influence European regulation.

US extends living will deadline for four banks

Regulators have given the European banks another year to produce workable living wills, while reducing the amount of data needed from smaller banks.

IIF and GFMA propose alternative to SMA

Two industry bodies suggest greater risk sensitivity to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

European Council signs off money market fund rules

The Permanent Representatives Committee aims to limit shadow banks’ influence on the financial system.

Hong Kong moves to fight “backdoor” listings

A consultation is underway to find ways to strengthen market supervision of IPOs.