Latest articles from Justin Pugsley

Commission ponders concessions on bank bonuses

EU policy-makers consider making concessions on banker bonus caps for certain types of financial firm.

ECB safeguards bank pay-outs

Changes in guidance from the European Central Bank on bank capital buffers could help preserve pay-outs to shareholders and investors in certain debt classes.

Shadow banking drives up leverage in China

Rating agencies flag up concerns over the growth in China’s shadow banking system and non-performing loans

Associations concerned over leverage ratio

Representatives of the financial services industry voice disquiet over the framework of the BCBS’s leverage ratio

Norway: Basel leverage ratio too low

Many banks across Europe and the US complain about the restrictive nature of the leverage ratio -- but for Norway’s regulators, the minimum level prescribed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is too low.

HFT firms call for more transparency in Treasuries market

Whereas most financial firms agree with regulatory proposals to report more trade data on the US Treasuries market, there is some disagreement over whether or not it should be made public.

Quick action required to tackle too-big-to-fail banks

As the too-big-to-fail bank debate rumbles on – often louder around the time of stress tests – the time and patience needed to make this concept work are running out. By David Strachan and Scott Martin, EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy, Deloitte. 

Editor's letter: Are you feeling stressed?

Stress tests have been dismissed by a prominent think tank as creating a dangerous false sense of security. In what may be a case of realising their limitations, they do nonetheless provide one very valuable service.

FSB calls for more progress on resolutions plans and derivatives

Financial Stability Board warns that parts of the global reform agenda are slipping behind schedule, particularly in the area of derivatives and bank resolution plans.

GFMA warns on impact of Basel reforms

There is a growing backlash from banks and even some countries against the reforms being put forward by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision over what some term ‘Basel IV’.