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Republicans attempt to modify Dodd-Frank

Republicans take another swipe at the Dodd-Frank act in a bid to modify it, reports Justin Pugsley.

Ghazi Abu Nahl

Smaller emerging market banks face marginalisation from global financial system

Banks based in some smaller developing countries are being steadily frozen out of the global financial system due to rules for curbing money laundering and funding terrorism – an unintended consequence, which needs addressing according to two recent reports

Model risk likely to become a bigger priority for supervisors - ORX

Model risk could emerge as a bigger priority for supervisors as global regulators drive for more standardised approaches, which could have unintended consequences

EU steps-up battle over global bank rules

EU officials are becoming increasingly vocal over their disapproval over some of the reforms being put forward by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, potentially threatening to fragment the global regulatory banking framework

Clutching at the silver linings of tougher regulation

From the point of view of most banks there is little to get excited about when facing tough new rules, however forcing banks to become data-centric could have some silver linings

Chris Burke, Brickendon

Banks struggle to conquer FRTB mountain

The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book has been described as among the most challenging of all regulations to implement. Regulatory experts therefore see a tough road ahead for banks as they struggle to comply with it on time.

UK prime minister signals EU exit trigger by March 2017

UK to trigger two-year exit process from the EU by March 2007 

Shadow Committee calls for €1000bn growth boosting fund

A Shadow Committee made up of academics has called for a €1000bn fund to be set up and for further regulatory reforms to boost the fragile EU economy

Wells Fargo storm could prompt tougher compensation rules

Wells Fargo scandal could trigger tougher compensation rules for banks in the US

Money market reforms delivering US rate rise

Reforms to US money market funds have already delivered a US interest rise and are making short-term funding more expensive for banks