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CFTC executive frustrated over liquidity drain

Commodity Futures Trading Commission frets over falling liquidity levels in key US markets.

ECB and Bundesbank differ over high-frequency traders

Two central banks have released reports on high-frequency trading taking differing stances on the issue demonstrating the challenges of properly regulating the activity.

BCBS acts to limit banks holding TLAC instruments

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision finalises rules to discourage banks from owning total loss-absorbing capacity instruments issued by other lenders

BIS sees progress on Basel III, but some areas proving difficult

The Bank for International Settlements reports good progress with implementing Basel 3, but highlights a number of areas where countries are facing difficulties.

Banks need a breather on accounting rules

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is pondering transitioning arrangements for new accounting rules to avoid a possible credit shock.

Basel Committee treading a fine line to avoid global fracture

The Basel Committee has reiterated its stance on areas such as internal models, but is risking a deep fracture with European policy-makers. Could there be some scope for compromise between the two sides?

LBMA awards platform mandate to tech firms

London Bullion Market Association awards technology firms mandate to run trading platform and bring it in line with regulatory thinking.

Dutch Finance minister sounds note of discord on capital requirements

Unlike other European finance ministers, Jeroen Dijsselbloem of the Netherlands sees scope for tougher regulatory requirements in contrast to some.

Peter Wright

Senior managers and certification regime makes waves in UK

The UK’s senior managers and certification regime already entails great responsibilities for those it covers. However, recent changes and consultations will not only broaden its scope, but further raise the stakes for senior managers.

SEC to conduct in-depth analysis of ETF sector

The Securities & Exchange Commission is to conduct a thorough analysis of the exchange traded funds sector to clarify its impact on markets.