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The final countdown: Basel’s reform agenda

The European Savings and Retail Banking Group is calling on the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision to postpone its final decisions on calibration, warning that the proposed reforms are a threat to many European banks, which will badly affect the real economy. By Chris De Noose, managing director of the European Savings and Retail Banking Group (ESBG).

FCA seeks more level playing field in capital markets

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority is challenging certain capital markets practices to engineer a fairer environment for all users.

Japan tightens rules on high-frequency trading

Japan’s supervisor takes measures to bring about greater oversight of high frequency trading firms.

Joshua Maxey

France shows the way in unbundling debate

The French regulator has taken the lead with its recent consultation on the debate over implementing European regulations separating brokerage commissions from the payment for research.

Sarah Jane Mahmud

MiFID 2 poses a dilemma for small-caps

Small-cap stocks have long been a neglected corner of the market for investment analysts, but industry sources have mixed views over whether unbundling research from brokerage commissions will improve or worsen the situation.

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Forum launched to study financial services post-Brexit

Untangling the UK from the EU will be very complex from a regulatory perspective, as will any trade negotiations after the two go their separate ways. It is against this backdrop that the Financial Services Negotiation Forum was launched to plug knowledge gaps with fact-based research.

Filippo Alloatti

Eurozone bad loan clean-up slowed by regulation

Non-performing loans are a blight on the Eurozone’s financial system and a drag on its economy. However, disparate national regimes and the EU’s own rules are slowing down the clean-up process.

US OCC sets up fintech office

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency aims to to get to grips with innovation.

Regulators call for more market information

US supervisors are demanding more data on the vast US treasuries market so they can better monitor it.

Legal blow for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The CFPB faces a new challenge to its authority after a court ruling.