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David Clark, WMBA

Libor: the long goodbye

Regulators are keen to replace Libor given its tainted past, but are coming up against strong industry inertia in their attempts to get new more tamper-proof benchmarks accepted

Stephane Giordano web

Firms hoping for some leniency on MiFID II as clock ticks

There are still numerous loose ends around the EU's Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, and with less than six months to go before it goes live the industry is hoping regulators will take a lenient view on compliance. By Farah Khalique.

Delays and high failure rates hit FRTB implementation

The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book is a particularly challenging piece of text to implement, but banks trying to do so with the less capital-intensive Internal Model Approach are finding it particularly difficult as they face having to keep their models approved. Some are considering not bothering with it. By Farah Khalique.

Godfried De Vidts

Fragile repo markets skating on thin ice

The repo market has never quite recovered from the financial crisis and subsequent regulatory reforms. Industry sources say the market now urgently needs attention or the whole system of short-term funding for the financial system could be in jeopardy

UK Parliament

UK’s Great Repeal Bill faces tight deadline as Brexit looms

The UK faces the monumental task of turning EU laws into domestic ones as it leaves the EU. However, plenty of other countries have trodden this path, not least countries formerly part of the British empire. By Farah Khalique.

Nadine Jatto

Stakes rise in the battle for euro clearing

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has triggered an almighty tussle over who will host most of the euro clearing. Although London looks to be the likely loser, this is not yet a forgone conclusion. By Farah Khalique.

Andy Hill, ICMA

IOSCO stirs up secondary bond market debate

IOSCO has added fuel to the debate over liquidity in secondary corporate bond markets with its report on the topic. Its conclusions, however, seem to have upset some market participants.  

James Greig, partner at White & Case

Banks ponder motives behind EU holding companies initiative

The European Commission's proposals to regulate foreign banks in the EU through intermediate holding companies has upset non-EU banks, particularly US ones. Many see it as a political rather than a purely regulatory move

Steven Maijoor

ESMA ratchets up toughness of clearing house stress tests

Europe’s clearing houses are on a tight deadline to file the results of the Esma-imposed stress tests this month, as the pan-EU regulator steps up its scrutiny of these increasingly systemically important institutions. By Farah Khalique

Richard Frase

Equivalence: Britain's post-Brexit fallback

The UK's upcoming departure from the EU and likely the single market as well has raised a flurry of speculation over what will replace current trading rights. This has brought the EU's equivalence regimes for third countries into sharp focus