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Uncleared derivatives face margin headaches

Banks involved in uncleared derivatives face a rapidly approaching headache revolving around faster clearing, more margin and questions over equivalence between regulatory regimes remain unanswered.  

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Living wills: third time’s the charm

Five of the world’s largest banks have failed to satisfy US regulators that, in the event of a financial calamity, their plans of action are up to scratch. Following a damning assessment in April, the race is on to consolidate their recovery and resolution plans in time for the fast-approaching October deadline, or face the regulatory axe. By Farah Khalique

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Fed cracks down on derivatives' default right

There is a real risk that US Federal Reserve proposals to make it harder to unwind qualified financial contracts with big banks could actually unleash all kinds of unintended consequences, such as creating distortions in the derivatives market and even accelerating bankruptcies

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Banks face scrutiny over Panama Papers

Banks face more scrutiny as regulators react to revelations contained in the so-called Panama Papers over the widespread use of offshore companies by clients potentially looking to avoid tax


CCP deal heralds new transatlantic co-operation

Derivatives players are breathing a sigh of relief as US and European lawmakers call a truce over clearing houses. 

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Brussels holds firm on research commission separation

The days of convenient 'commission bundling' are coming to an end for fund managers and brokers due to MiFID II. 

Countdown begins to clearing house resilience rules

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Global regulators are closing in on a package of measures to monitor and protect central clearing counterparties ahead of the G20 summit in November.

MiFID consultations throw up fresh qualms on liquidity

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The struggle to define which non-equity instruments should be subject to MiFID transparency rules will be at the heart of efforts to finalise regulatory technical standards, and could transform the industry.

Europe’s policymakers power ahead with position limits

Europe’s policymakers are determined to impose position limits and reporting requirements on commodity traders to combat so-called food speculation, despite deep reservations from the industry as to their effectiveness and unintended consequences.