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Global recession will test post-crisis financial reforms

Banks are in a better position to weather a global recession now than before the 2007/09 global financial crisis, but experts warn that a confluence of events could yet stress the banking system.

Carson Block

Battle of the bourses: US and China sign truce

A two-decade tussle between the US and China over company listing rules is nearing an end with a truce, but critics remain cautious about the details.

Mark Sobel

Policy-makers ponder tackling systemic debt vulnerabilities

Private sector debt ratcheted up during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now regulators want to figure out how this will hit countries facing a post-pandemic recession – and what policy-makers can do to ease the pain.

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IOSCO seeks to guide securities regulators on market data fees row

Traders in secondary markets argue they are getting short-changed on data – and global standard setter IOSCO agrees and is urging securities regulators to tackle the problem.

Linda Middleditch

EBA seeks more evidence before deciding on treatment of climate change in prudential framework

A fiery debate has kicked off about how much the financial sector should worry about climate risk and the legitimacy of using prudential tools to achieve climate goals. The European banking regulator advises caution. 


EBA’s prudential review seen as too shy

The pandemic has prompted the EU to review its regulatory toolbox for keeping the bloc’s financial system on a steady footing, but critics say the EBA’s suggestions merely tinker around the edges.

Boris Ivanov

LME nickel chaos raises tough questions for regulators

The UK’s three financial regulators tasked with investigating what brought the London Metal Exchange to its knees in March will reveal a raft of troubling issues. 

Emmanuel Asuquo

IOSCO urges regulators to tackle gamification and scammers

Global standard-setter IOSCO is warning financial regulators to tackle the gamification of stock markets and the growing number of scammers as retail trading surges.

Rachelle Rijk

EU’s green securitisation market needs a boost – but at what cost?

The EU is done with Russian gas. As it declares ambitious targets to wean itself off Russia and embrace cleaner energy, the EU’s banking regulator has published recommendations to boost the EU’s flagging sustainable securitisation market as part of efforts to make member states’ economies more sustainable.

David Finz

Banks urged to focus on operational resilience during Russia-Ukraine war

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has implications for banks’ operational risk as they beef up their cyber security defences and stress-testing capabilities amid uncertain times.