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Technology could alleviate bank de-risking nightmare

De-risking has hit some emerging market countries hard, but clever technological solutions could help countries that have been frozen out of the global financial system. By Farah Khalique. 

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Regulators confront the SLR ‘slaughterhouse’

The CFTC has denounced the ‘horror show’ of the Basel III leverage ratio rules, as the chorus of resentment in certain quarters of the US towards blanket international banking standards grows louder each day. By Farah Khalique.

Bob Mudhar

Mind the gap: the growing EU-US gulf

Regulators forging rules in isolation or focusing too much on domestic issues, alongside the EU’s highly prescriptive approach to regulation, risks deepening a rift with their US counterparts. By Farah Khalique.


Hong Kong cracks down on senior managers' conduct to boost its reputation

To boost the reputation of Hong Kong as an attractive financial centre, its securities and futures regulator is increasingly focusing on conduct issues, with the Managers in Charge regime having gone live in October. By Farah Khalique


Cryptocurrencies: putting together the ICO puzzle

The soaring popularity of crypto-currencies has predictably attracted regulatory attention. But defining whether they are securities or commodities or should have their own special rules remains a divisive issue for regulators. By Farah Khalique.

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Asia takes swipe at London's derivatives crown

Asia’s bid for London’s derivatives crown is picking up pace as the UK’s attractiveness comes into question due to tough EU regulation and the country’s departure from the Union. 

Steve Waygood

Green bond definitions steadily tightened to avoid greenwashing

As the green bond movement gains momentum, it is attracting greater attention from regulators, trade associations, corporates and investors with moves to refine and tweak definitions to ensure the sector fulfils its aims 

Roger Storm

Clearing houses uneasy over aspects of proposed global stress tests

Overall, clearing houses have cautiously welcomed the idea of global stress tests laid out in a CPMI-IOSCO consultative paper, but some still feel queasy over the prospect of sharing sensitive data. By Farah Khalique.

David Clark, WMBA

Libor: the long goodbye

Regulators are keen to replace Libor given its tainted past, but are coming up against strong industry inertia in their attempts to get new more tamper-proof benchmarks accepted

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Firms hoping for some leniency on MiFID II as clock ticks

There are still numerous loose ends around the EU's Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, and with less than six months to go before it goes live the industry is hoping regulators will take a lenient view on compliance. By Farah Khalique.

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