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Monsur Hussain

Regulators keep close eye on commercial real estate

Cracks in the $20tn commercial real estate market are piling pressure on exposed lenders, just as regulators urgently steer troubled banks to avert a full-blown banking crisis. 

Jouni Aaltonen

Shadow banks increasingly in regulators’ sights

After years of watchful waiting, financial regulators are starting to crack down on the ballooning $239.3tn shadow banking sector. 

Yesha Yadav

US bank collapses test regulators’ limits

The repercussions of three US banks collapsing in the space of a week is pushing the limits of banking regulators’ powers, amid fears more failures are to come. 

Louise Abbott

US crypto crackdown leaves many unanswered questions

US regulators, particularly the SEC, are ramping up enforcement actions against cryptocurrency firms since the demise of FTX. From industry heavyweight Coinbase to former Disney star Lindsay Lohan, it seems no one is too big or small to escape their attention. But is the crackdown going too far? 

Caroline Liesegang

EU looks set for significant Basel III deviations

Finance and regulation experts are startled at how much the EU is deviating from Basel guidelines in its latest banking reforms, raising fears of non-compliance with international banking standards. 

Michael Hsu

Big talk on big banks from the OCC

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is hinting strongly that it wishes to break up the biggest US banks yet, for now, is still readily approving meaty bank mergers. 

Colleen Baker web

FSB urges authorities to firm up CCP 'living wills'

The Financial Stability Board is close to finalising a new consultation on financial resources for recovery and resolution at clearing houses, after warning authorities to speed up resolution plans for these growing behemoths. By Farah Khalique

Subadra Rajappa

US cracks down on repo market blind spot

The US Treasury is clamping down on the repo market after a series of market stresses exposed a major blind spot, but critics are sceptical as to whether its efforts will pay off. 

Kimmo Soramäki

US moves closer to digital dollar, but reservations remain

The US is finally moving towards developing a digital dollar, after years of hesitation and discord. It could speed up payments and slash settlement risk in wholesale markets, but scepticism is still widespread.


FTX fallout shines light on sleepy regulators

The demise of Bahamas-based cryptocurrency exchange FTX is raising questions about offshore financial regulators’ ability to oversee rapidly growing crypto firms.