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Regulators sow confusion by conjuring up conflicting ‘crypto’ rules

Crypto-currencies and assets have taken the world by storm and at such a pace that regulators have not been able to keep up. However, the rush to stay on top is seeing a raft of conflicting rules and definitions springing up across jurisdictions. By Dan Barnes

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Bigtech and fintech define their boundaries in banking markets

Bigtech and fintech firms are not just posing a competitive threat to traditional banks, but are also a potential headache for regulators who want to curb any potential systemic risks without stifling innovation and competition. 

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AI raises new governance challenges for regulators and industry

Such is the unique nature of artificial intelligence in that inputs don’t produce predictable outputs that regulators and industry will have to think carefully about the governance structures surrounding this unique technology


Hong Kong’s virtual banking licence could draw in China’s tech giants

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority's new virtual banking licence could prove to be a significant stimulant to competition in its banking market – but there are concerns that some regulatory demands are too steep. Dan Barnes reports.

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Fast-paced markets test central bank supervisory capabilities

The commoditisation of data and the electronification of financial markets has led to new types of trading, which are increasingly challenging central bank mandates over managing areas such as monetary policy, a BIS report warns. By Dan Barnes


Global sandbox attempts to bridge gap between regulators and fintechs

The FCA has attracted 12  other regulators in a bid to create a global sandbox helping bring regulators together to collaborate more closely as well as enabling fintech firms to go global more quickly

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Supervisors turn to automation to handle data deluge

Such are the growing demands in supervision, whether it be related to anti-money laundering or picking up market abuse, that regulators are being forced to turn to technology or ‘sup-tech’. By Dan Barnes.

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Authorities' efforts to regulate cryptocurrencies causing uncertainty

Regulators trying to keep pace with the rapid evolution of cryptocurrencies are coming up with many different approaches in their quest to balance risk without stifling innovation. However, this is creating considerable uncertainty for legitimate cryptocurrency participants. By Dan Barnes.  

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Machine-readable rules could offer jurisdictions a competitive edge

Machine-readable rules hold the promise of better compliance and reduced compliance costs for financial firms. Some policy-makers are likely to view them as a competitive advantage in attracting firms to operate in their jurisdiction


African regulators ponder changes to support fintech

Supporting the unbanked will require a careful nurturing of new ideas if Africa is to develop more champions like M-Pesa, and that also means altering regulatory structures to support innovation. By Dan Barnes.