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Trading floor

Fairweather market-makers push liquidity risk to buy side

Bouts of liquidity shortages in key capital markets, such as in US Treasuries, has seen some in the industry call for a rethink of rules governing markets and their participants

Heath Tarbert

CFTC fires shot across the bows of foreign regulators

The CFTC’s amendments over granting exemptive relief for foreign firms operating in US markets is partly a warning to foreign regulators to reciprocate that deference to US firms in their markets

Department of Treasury

Attempts to remove US regulatory hurdles for fintechs may fall short

The clunkiness of the US’s regulatory system is making it hard for new entrepreneurial fintechs to get off the ground, and though there are attempts to address this, there is probably only so much that can be done

US Capitol

Growing concern that US regulatory reforms could harbour risks

Although the US never deregulated to the extent President Donald Trump promised, some of the changes that have been made have raised concerns about risk in some quarters


Supervisors question stability of stablecoins

Stablecoins are the latest cyber-asset trend to worry supervisors who are concerned that they may pose a systemic threat and could even undermine central bank monetary policy

Scott Martin

UK could become global standard setter for operational resilience testing

Work in the UK on operational and cyber resilience has reached such a level that its approach may well become a trendsetter for other jurisdictions to follow. By Dan Barnes.

Equity ticker

Data charges split European traders

EU regulators are attempting to reform the way market data is priced amid industry complaints of excessive charging for data feeds by trading venues, but the regulatory process for addressing this is proving to be painfully slow 

Bitcoin and cards

FCA attempts delicate balancing act for crypto-asset regulation

The UK authorities are looking to bring more clarity and better definitions around crypto-assets in a bid to spur innovation whilst also protecting consumers


Facebook’s Libra could force rethink of some regulatory frameworks

The pending launch of Facebook’s digital currency threatens to disrupt some regulatory frameworks and if it succeeds it could even pose systemic questions creating even more challenges for regulators


US regulatory spat over bank charters creating uncertainty for fintech

A dispute between the OCC and state regulators over special purpose bank charters is sowing uncertainty for the US fintech sector