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Fed faces tough choices on stress testing

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No US bank failed the 2015 stress tests for lack of capital, but the potential future inclusion of capital buffers and closer alignment with liquidity measures could prove challenging for the industry. The Fed is also under pressure to shake up its methodology and make the tests less predictable.

'Real liquidity crisis brewing' warns SEC commissioner

US Securities and Exchange Commissioner Daniel Gallagher has voiced concerns that both dealer inventories and secondary market liquidity have dramatically decreased.

SEC votes unanimously to close HFT loophole

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has voted to narrow an exemption that brings proprietary firms using high-frequency trading strategies under greater regulatory oversight.

Lew warns Republicans of steep price of rolling back reforms

US Treasury secretary Jacob Lew has defended the Financial Stability Oversight Council, claiming outdated pre-crisis regulatory structures mean regulators have limited tools to protect the financial system.

Republican budget would ditch the Orderly Liquidation Authority

Republican budget proposals released on March 17 would repeal the Dodd-Frank Act’s Orderly Liquidation Authority, bring the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau budget under direct Congressional control and privatise housing finance companies bailed out in 2008.

Regulators reject three foreign banks’ living wills

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has rejected the 2014 living wills of Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC and BNP Paribas as “not credible”.

CFTC consults on extraterritorial costs under court order

The US swaps regulator is required to carry out a cost/benefit analysis of its measures that affect cross-border derivatives markets, but lawyers are sceptical about the value of this exercise.

Fed's Tarullo supports re-think on regulatory thresholds

Some statutory regulatory thresholds might "bear re-examination", although it would involve action by Congress, the US Federal Reserve governor has said.

Shareholders to vote on Bank of America break-up plan

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has given the green light for a shareholder vote on a shareholder proposal that Bank of America form an independent committee to weigh up spinning off all the bank’s non-core businesses.

Republican Congress gears up to reform the regulators

Richard Shelby

In the first Senate Banking Committee hearing on regulatory reform, senators from both parties pushed for greater Congressional oversight.