Latest articles from Charles Piggott

CFTC proposes cybersecurity rules

US regulators want key market infrastructures to assess their vulnerability to cyber attacks and ensure they are well prepared to respond.

Dealers claim treasury market impaired by HFT

Up to 40% of dealers in the US Treasuries market believe the rise of high-frequency trading has caused a deterioration in pricing and trade sizes.

FASB scraps counterintuitive DVA rule

The US Financial Accounting Standards Board will remove a rule that allowed banks to book falls in the value of debt they had issued as profits in their financial reporting.


Face off over leverage ratio treatment of margin

Inclusion of segregated client collateral in the calculation of clearing firms’ supplementary leverage ratio is proving controversial.


CCP resolution rises to the top of global agenda

International co-operation and the provision of liquidity are likely to be the key challenges to establishing resilience and resolution planning for central clearing counterparties.

Better Markets sues for transparency in MetLife case

Campaign group Better Markets has filed a lawsuit demanding public transparency in MetLife’s court case against the Financial Stability Oversight Council over the insurance company’s designation as systemically important. 

House passes Fed reform bill

The US House of Representatives has passed a bill that if signed into law would overhaul the way the Federal Reserve conducts monetary policy, bank oversight and emergency lending processes.

Regulators evaluating repo clearing says Fed’s Powell

US Federal Reserve governor Jerome Powell has said that regulators are evaluating repo clearing.

SEC’s Piwowar backs IFRS option

The US Securities and Exchange Commission commissioner Michael Piwowar has publicly backed proposals by the SEC’s chief accountant that would allow companies to issue accounts in line with international financial reporting standards without reconciliation to US generally accepted accounting principles.

CFTC proposes automated trading rules

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has released proposals for closer regulation of automated trading firms.