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Regulators push for tougher line on subsidiaries

Commissioners of the US Securities and Exchange Commission have voted unanimously to extend US swap rules to firms’ overseas subsidiaries

Senate bill clarifies capital rules for insurance firms

The US Senate has passed an act to clarify federal requirements imposed on insurers that come under the supervision of the US Federal Reserve.

Fed hones stress tests and extends deadlines

The US Federal Reserve has proposed amendments to its annual Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review that would broaden the limits placed on banks’ capital distributions by applying them to more forms of distributions

Russell Golden

FASB tightens off-balance-sheet loophole and sharpens repo disclosure

From next year, US Generally Agreed Accounting Principles will no longer allow repurchase-to-maturity agreements to be accounted for as ‘sales’ with a forward purchase. Instead transactions will be considered together as a secured ‘borrowing’.

Tentative welcome for hedging rethink

The International Accounting Standards Board’s rethink on hedging could mark a fundamental shift in accounting standards.

EU banking authority tackles thorny CVA issue

The EBA’s draft proxy rules received a mixed response from bankers hoping new ideas on CVA, DVA and FVA would emerge Charles Piggott reports