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Lindsay Scherber

Regulators seek balanced approach to crowdfunding

US crowdfunding regulations go live in May 2016, but EU officials are still debating the best way to support start-ups while protecting investors. 

Industry calls for Regulation AT rethink

Market participants support safety mechanisms for algorithms, but think the proposed rules are too broad and should focus on financial market infrastructures.

SEC and CFTC edge closer to filling vacancies

The CTFC and SEC, which have been running with just three of their regular five commissioners, are now close to filling the empty seats.

Fed proposal would cut $100bn in interbank exposure

The Federal Reserve is re-proposing rules to limit the exposure of large banks to each other.

Christine Parlour

SEC pressured on broker incentives

An SEC advisory panel has urged better disclosure to decide if brokers are handling the conflicts of interest created when they accept payments for order flow. 

Democrats push to close Dodd-Frank whistleblower loopholes

Democrat lawmakers in both houses of the US Congress want stronger protection for whistleblowers from employer retaliation.

Regulators clarify liquidation rules for large broker-dealers

Federal authorities have set out how they would resolve a systemic broker-dealer without recourse to normal bankruptcy procedures.

Withdraw positions limit report, Warren tells CFTC

US policymakers claim the regulator's advisory committee on commodities trading is dominated by industry representatives rather than end-users.

US lawmakers seek oversight of international insurance talks

A key US Congress committee wants full public consultation before Federal regulators agree to any new international insurance regulatory standards.

Scott Hildenbrand

Community banks challenge FASB to make accounting reform scalable

Community banks are challenging the US accounting standards setter to make proposed changes to loan loss accounting work for small banks.