Pauline Lambert

Banks gear up for tougher stress tests

Covid-19 and climate change are sending supervisors back to the drawing board when it comes to the design of stress tests to ensure banks are fully prepared for an increasingly uncertain future

US Fereral Reserve

US Fed stress tests criticised for being confusing and inadequate

In recent years, stress tests by the US Federal Reserve have been relatively incident free, but this year’s exercise has run into sharp criticism in some quarters including from a former Fed member 


Managing climate risk demands fresh thinking on stress tests

Risks related to climate change are increasingly being taken seriously by regulators and banks, but the modeling around these risks is complex and is still under development

APRA to scrutinise bank climate change efforts more deeply

Banks in Australia will have to stress test their resilience to financial risks associated with climate change, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) said in a letter.

Jose Manuel Campa

EBA’s stress test overhaul given the cold shoulder

Proposals put forward by the EBA to modernise its stress testing framework have met with disapproval by banks arguing that they would deliver few benefits 

Fed approves stress capital buffer with some changes

The stress capital buffer (SCB), a simpler capital framework for banks, has been approved by the US Federal Reserve Board and is broadly similar to proposals made in April 2018 with some changes made to reflect feedback. 

EU banks to be subject to toughest stress test yet

Banks in the EU will be subject to the most demanding stress tests to date to see how they would stand up to very low interest rates, growing trade tensions and a disorderly departure from the union by the UK. 

US stress tests to include scenario on corporate debt problems

The harshest scenario in the 2020 US Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) and stress tests will include a severe global recession, stressed corporate debt and commercial real estate markets, and leveraged loan pressures. 


Bank of England uses climate change scenarios for stress test

Proposals by the Bank of England for stress testing the effects of climate change on the financial system places the issue front and centre for UK regulators and financial firms 

Big UK banks pass stress test, but told to raise countercyclical buffer

The latest stress tests from the Bank of England showed that the UK’s seven largest lenders could comfortably manage a deep domestic recession, a global downturn and a disorderly exit from the EU.