Stress tests to include severe recession and big jobless rise

US 2017 stress tests to include shock jobless rise, severe recession and problems in real estate markets.

ESMA announces details of 2017 clearing house stress tests

ESMA announces key areas for stress testing CCPs, which will include liquidity for the first time


Bank of England stress tests widely seen as credible

The Bank of England stress tests were seen as tough enough to be credible, but still drew criticism from some quarters.

Top five US clearers pass stress tests

The top five clearing houses in the US have passed their stress tests, according to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Henry Umney

Data quality underpins success in stress tests

When it comes to stress testing, spreadsheets have emerged as a potential source for proliferating bad data, prompting banks to search for other often more automated solutions. By Henry Umney, vice president of sales at governance specialist ClusterSeven

Banco Popular

Concerns remain as Europe’s banks pass their stress tests

The stress tests of Europe’s banks were deemed by many to have been a success demonstrating that the sector is now in better health than two years ago. However, concerns remain over the banks that were omitted from the exercise and whether the tests were stringent enough.

Editor's letter: Are you feeling stressed?

Stress tests have been dismissed by a prominent think tank as creating a dangerous false sense of security. In what may be a case of realising their limitations, they do nonetheless provide one very valuable service.

Sam Malone

Granger causality model detects rising US systemic risk

Shadow banks are causing growing concern among supervisors and a model based on Granger causality from Moody’s Analytics shows that in the US at least, non-bank financials may indeed be a growing source of systemic risk

US banks ace stress tests

Big US banks get green light to distribute cash to shareholders following stress tests.

Global stress testing advocated for clearers

Senior Bank of England official argues for global stress tests for clearing houses

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