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China looking to include more markets in its macro-prudential assessment

The People’s Bank of China is looking to include more credit type markets in its macro-prudential assessment to better capture growing systemic risks

China unveils ‘Dodd-Frank-like’ reforms to tighten oversight

China unveils reforms to bring a unified approach to regulating the domestic asset management sector – seen as being at the epicentre of the country’s large shadow banking sector. By Justin Pugsley.

Basel Committee brings flexible and tailored approach to step-in risk

Basel Committee provides guidelines to banks on mitigating risk from potential problems in the shadow banking sector

US Treasury: 'Market based finance' more appropriate term than 'shadow banking'

US Treasury objects to the term ‘shadow banking’ as it implies unregulated activity and proposes 'market based finance' as a more appropriate description for the activities of non-bank financial institutions.

China ramps up measures against illicit shadow banking

China is set to unveil more measures as it cracks down on illicit shadow banking activities, reports Justin Pugsley. 

Alternative lenders emerge from the shadows

As banks have retreated from lending following the financial crisis, new types of alternative lender have sprung up, often with more innovative offerings. Their growth is likely to attract increased regulatory interest. By Stephen Surgeoner, partner at Dechert LLP.

China’s shadow banking products come under more scrutiny

The China Banking Regulatory Commission makes another regulatory assault on the country’s mushrooming wealth management products sector as it seeks to address systemic concerns.

FSB finds shadow banking sector still expanding

FSB research finds that the shadow banking sector is still expanding with open-ended funds driving much of that growth

New China regulatory boss unleashes avalanche of directives

Only a few months into the job and Guo Shuqing, the chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, has hurled a barrage of directives at the financial sector in a bid to curtail risks.

China money market volatility flares up ahead of new regime

The People’s Bank of China has taken measures to curb shadow banking system, stoking money market volatility in the process. Justin Pugsley reports.