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AMF finds good and bad practices relating to MiFID

France’s AMF finds a mix of good and bad practices in relation to MiFID II compliance following a thematic inspection at the beginning of the year

Apra releases paper to help with Bear compliance

Apra releases guidelines to help banks embed the country’s accountability regime into their everyday practices to improve conduct.

Tony Rooke

Climate change rises to become a systemic risk

Financial risks relating to climate change are rapidly becoming an important consideration within banks thanks to the TCFD, whose recommendations are starting to drive change in lending policies. By Justin Pugsley.

Positions harden over exchange data fees

War of words heats up over exchange data fees as SEC choses not to rule on whether they are excessive or not

ANNA sets up benchmarks task force to help develop identification codes

The Association of National Numbering Agencies is working with benchmark administrations to find ways to help with market adoption of identification codes

Flash crash

Tech proliferation echoes pre-crisis boom in complex derivatives

The proliferation of cognitive-type technologies is a new challenge for compliance teams to monitor, but their rapid development and complexity mean non-specialists are having trouble keeping up. By Justin Pugsley.

Jeremy Wilson

Barclays ‘DerivHack’ develops CDM post-trade derivatives model

A Barclays sponsored hackathon has potentially identified new paths for making post-trade derivatives processes more efficient using ISDA’s common domain model and may transform how the industry interacts with regulators. By Justin Pugsley

Adam Stringer

Technology resilience stakes are higher than ever before for banks

The push into digitisation, which promises greater efficiencies, products tailored to client needs and greater transparency for regulators, does nonetheless come with a host of risks that banks must address as part of their resilience

More resources needed to close G20 data gaps - FSB/IMF

In their G20 Data Gaps Initiative report, the FSB and IMF said there needs to be greater resource allocation to drive improvements in data gathering

Financial firms fined $26bn for money laundering and know your customer breaches

Around the world banks racked up fines of $26bn over 10 years for breaches in money laundering and know your customer rules