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Dubai accepts seven fintechs to apply for innovation testing licence

The DFSA has given seven fintech firms the go ahead to apply for an innovation testing licence in Dubai to further develop their solutions.

Hundreds of firms at risk of non-compliance over CSDR requirements

A regulatory consultancy has found that most firms conducting internalised securities transactions covered by CSDR are unaware that its reporting requirements apply to them.

New York Fed outlines practices for handling confidential market information

New York Fed reviews its policies on handling sensitive market related information to conform with the goals of the Treasury Market Practices Group (TMPG) and the FX Global Code of Conduct

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AI raises new governance challenges for regulators and industry

Such is the unique nature of artificial intelligence in that inputs don’t produce predictable outputs that regulators and industry will have to think carefully about the governance structures surrounding this unique technology

Basel Pillar 3 disclosure requirements finalised following consultation

Following a consultation in February 2018, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has updated its Pillar 3 disclosure requirements covering areas such as credit risk

US agencies to allow three year phase in for CECL accounting standards

Three US regulatory agencies have decided to allow banks a three year phase in period to adopt the CECL accounting standard

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FSB urges jurisdictions to remove legal barriers and share more derivatives data

The FSB is keen to see financial centre share more data about derivatives trades to drive greater transparency, but this does mean tackling legal barriers in individual jurisdictions  

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Toughness of UK’s conduct regime questioned

Following the global financial crisis a decade ago, UK regulators imposed one of the toughest conduct regimes seen in banking, but recent events have had some observers wondering whether it really has teeth. By Victor Smart.

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How identifiers are driving transparency in financial markets

Identifiers emerged from the 2007-09 global financial crisis as a major component of the financial system helping to drive transparency for industry and regulators. GRR talks to Emma Kalliomaki, managing director at the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) about its initiatives for rolling out identifiers in line with regulations.

FSB finalises recommendations for regulators to clamp down on misconduct risk

FSB publishes final recommendations to help supervisors drive better conduct within financial institutions