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Goldman Sachs hit with big fines over 1MDB scandal

Goldman Sachs will pay $2.9bn in international fines and penalties after pleading guilty to bribery and money laundering offences surrounding 1Malaysia Development Berhad. 

Crime and governance becoming more relevant to credit ratings

The impact of misconduct and financial crime already matters beyond just the initial fine imposed on a bank, Fitch Rating has warned, suggesting that this area is becoming increasingly relevant to credit ratings


A practical approach to EU sustainable finance

The EU has introduced a package of sustainable finance reforms that affect EU firms and those wanting to do business in the EU, but the timetable to comply with them is very tight. 


Reforming Australia’s responsible lending rules could be start of deregulatory drive

Australia’s rules around consumer lending face a big shake-up with some politicians declaring them too prescriptive, which has raised questions over whether this is a one-off or the start of a deregulation drive.

SEC makes its highest ever whistleblower award of $114m

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has awarded a record $114m to an individual who helped multiple agencies end wrongdoing

Federal agencies publish paper to enhance bank operational resilience

US Federal agencies have published a paper aimed at helping large domestic banks reinforce their operational resilience

SFC consults on climate requirements for Hong Kong fund managers

Hong Kong fund managers may have to take climate-related risks into account in their investment and risk management processes, and make appropriate disclosures to meet investors’ growing demands for climate risk information and to combat greenwashing, according to a consultation published on October 29. 

EBA remuneration consultation pushes for equal pay and removes bonus cap

Amendments to guidelines on equal pay for equal work between men and women are out for consultation


Model-based analysis improves trader surveillance

Market abuse is increasingly less tolerated by supervisors, sending financial firms scrambling for ways to curb it. One potential solution is to use model-based analysis to find this type of misconduct 

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Securities regulators turn to technology to make better sense of data

Technology is driving greater market transparency for supervisors, however, a lot of data is still going to waste meaning that there is still much work to be done before the data is used to its full potential.