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[NEWS] China’s CBRIC collects records to gain insight into financial system

The newly formed China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has gathered more than 3000bn records in order to monitor China’s large and complex financial system. Justin Pugsley reports.

[US REGS] SEC consults on enhancing retail investor protections

The SEC has launched a consultation on how to better protect retail investors by, for example, asking broker-dealers to be clearer over potential conflicts of interest. Justin Pugsley reports.

Mark Davison

Machine learning starts making headway into finance despite scepticism

Machine learning is rapidly expanding across the economy, but its inroads into finance have been limited so far due to concerns around trust. But that is changing with even regulators turning more positive towards the technology

David Strachan

Concern around pension schemes as UK banks race to meet ring-fencing deadlines

UK banks are on track to separate their investment banking arms from their retail units with each institution picking its own path. However, there is some controversy over which part of the bank will house the pension scheme. By Farah Khalique.


African regulators ponder changes to support fintech

Supporting the unbanked will require a careful nurturing of new ideas if Africa is to develop more champions like M-Pesa, and that also means altering regulatory structures to support innovation. By Dan Barnes.

National Bank of Australia

Australian banking scandal focuses spotlight on regulatory regime

A sense of complacency around financial regulation has become established in Australia following a quarter of a century of unbroken economic growth. However, a series of banking scandals is making the authorities there question the country’s supervisory regime

Regulatory divergence costs financial institutions $780bn a year

Regulatory divergence is costing financial institutions $780bn a year and is diverting resources away from risk management and is a tax on global economic growth.

Standard setters provide guidance on non-UTI and UPI data for OTC derivatives

IOSCO and the CPMI publish guidance for regulators on non-UTI and UPI data elements for OTC derivatives reporting

Laura Boyd

FCA expects SMCR compliance not just in letter, but in spirit as well

Complying with the UK’s Senior Managers and Certification Regime is much more than a compliance exercise, it actually demands a thorough rethink of a firm’s culture to really make sure its measures are being adhered to

China’s regulators step up clamp down on high risk lending

In a bid to clamp down on risky lending practices Chinese regulators are sitting in bank branches to learn more about their lending practices

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