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Luxembourg CSSF appoints two directors

CSSF appoints two directors to oversee fund sector and banking supervision

ESMA finds progress on MiFID compliance among NCAs

ESMA finds 16 NCAs have made progress on their MiFID implementation though outstanding issues remain with some supervisors

Japan’s FSA undertakes reorganisation to improve efficiency

Japan’s FSA has reorganised some of its bureaus so it can adapt to changing markets and technological developments and monitor them more efficiently


Regulators struggling with disruption should look to James Bond for inspiration

Most financial firms expect their industry to be disrupted and to change considerably in the coming years, which will pose challenges for supervisors. In a bid to keep pace, they could draw inspiration from the way the fictitious spy James Bond operates. By Scott Paton, financial services expert at PA Consulting.

Pankaj Gupta

Outlines of EU-UK deal on financial services taking shape

The fire and fury surrounding Brexit is throwing up very little in the way of hard facts to underpin planning by banks. Nonetheless, a possible outline of an EU-UK deal is taking shape, or at least narrowing it down to a few possible options. By Justin Pugsley

EU and Switzerland struggling to forge new treaty

EU-Swiss talks hit impasse with EU equivalence measures for the Swiss stock exchange potentially at stake 

CFTC commissioners soon to be at full strength

US Senate swears in two new commissioners for the CFTC, enabling it to tackle controversial measures designed to restrict commodity speculation

Dietrich Domanski

FSB pivot signals the start of a new era

Dietrich Domanski, the secretary general of the Financial Stability Board, talks to GRR about the organisation’s pivot away from policy-making towards implementation and evaluation, and discusses what that means in practical terms for regulators and the industry. By Justin Pugsley

BaFin ponders hard Brexit plans to minimise potential chaos

BaFin considers special measures in the event of a disorderly Brexit

Jelena McWilliams sworn in as the 21st FDIC chair

Trump appointee Jelena McWilliams formerly replaces Martin Gruenberg as chair of the FDIC