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Ashley Alder

Brexit could set tone for cross-border regulatory arrangements

Any EU/UK deal on financial services could significantly influence how other jurisdictions recognise third country financial services providers. By Justin Pugsley.

EU to significantly toughen oversight of investment firms

The European Council has decided that larger investment firms will be subject to greater regulatory requirements while those based in third countries and operating in the EU will see more intrusive oversight from the Union

ESAs looking at appropriate steps for promoting common EU approach towards fintech

The rapid growth in initiatives across the EU designed to foster fintech has prompted the three European Supervisory Authorities to release a paper on best practices and also to signal that they are considering coming up with a common EU approach to the sector

FINRA makes proposals to SEC over dispute resolution rules

FINRA lobbies SEC to make changes over two rules relating to disputes and resolutions

£800bn leaves UK as regulators and industry brace for no deal Brexit

UK is estimated to have lost £800bn in capital as financial firms position for Brexit while the FCA announces further measures to mitigate against a no deal scenario

Correspondent banking relationships with developing countries still declining, says FSB

The number of correspondent banking relationships involving some developing countries is continuing to decline says the FSB although its action plan to address the situation is now largely in place  

Fears grow over hard Brexit ahead of parliament vote

Such is the political opposition to the withdrawal agreement signed between the EU and UK that there is an increasing chance that the UK could leave on WTO terms

Changing of the guard at FSB raises fears over global post-crisis reforms

The appointment of the Federal Reserve’s Randal Quarles as FSB chair has created fears that this could either see the body undermined or lead to a loosening of global regulatory frameworks. In practice doing either would be difficult

Democrats promise more scrutiny following midterm election gains

The US financial deregulation agenda faces greater scrutiny and friction following electoral gains by the Democrats

Eric Pan

Finding common ground gets harder for regulators

Equivalence reform is needed in the EU but is unlikely to happen soon, as regulators engage in a war of words that suggests divergence, rather than convergence, is on the cards. By Farah Khalique.