Basel Committee proposes additional leverage ratio disclosures to prevent regulatory arbitrage

Basel Committee has launched a consultation as it seeks to close possible window dressing efforts by banks to flatter their leverage ratio numbers by asking for more data under Pillar 3 disclosures

PRA wants to delay some liquidity reporting requirements

PRA consults on delaying certain aspects of liquidity reporting so as to mitigate risks to supervising liquidity

US prudential regulators amend LCR to allow some high quality municipal bonds

The Fed, FDIC and OCC have amended the LCR to allow the inclusion of some high quality municipal bonds


Sustained low interest rates pose risk to the financial system

Long periods of low market interest rates could pose a systemic risk to the financial system, particularly if rates were to suddenly rise sharply

NSFR amended to accommodate central bank claims

Basel Committee makes technical amendment to NSFR to accommodate some central bank claims

IOSCO publishes final report on liquidity for collective investment schemes

IOSCO publishes final recommendations on managing liquidity of collective investment schemes

Walking the tightrope between liquidity risk and profitability

Demanding liquidity measures, imposed as a result of the 2007-9 global financial crisis, are a big burden on bank profits. However, there are ways in which banks can reduce their impact. By Mudit Goel of CRISIL Global Research & Analytics.

Basel Committee member jurisdictions found to be mainly LCR compliant

The Basel Committee found that member jurisdictions are mainly compliant with the liquidity coverage ratio with outstanding deviations deemed largely immaterial

NSFR “could threaten US bank lending”

The net stable funding ratio could restrain US bank lending as the US Federal Reserve attempts to normalise monetary policy says a blog post on the Clearing House website.

Associations warn over looming NSFR divergence

Associations voice concerns over differing interpretations of the net stable funding ratio by the US and EU regulators.