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Vuk Magdelinic - Overbond

Could medical science come to the rescue if ESMA bans RFQs in fixed-income markets?

A medical data science technique could help solve a complex bond automation problem should ESMA ban the use of requests for quotes in fixed-income markets. By Vuk Magdelinic, CEO of Overbond

Reducing liquidity demand key to taming bond market volatility spikes – FSB

Selling or repoing near cash instruments, enhancing the resilience of liquidity supply and closer risk monitoring are all potential solutions to recent extreme volatility in government bond markets, according to the Financial Stability Board (FSB). 

IOSCO teams up with IVSC to improve quality of financial information

Global standard setters are seeking to improve the quality and consistency of valuation standards to offer investors more protection and also to enhance financial stability. 

US dollar note

US dollar does not need a CBDC to maintain its global dominance

The role of the US dollar is so dominant and rooted in economic and financial factors that it does not necessarily require a central bank digital currency (CBDC) to maintain its lead, said US Federal Reserve Board governor Christopher Waller.

UK recognises crypto as regulated financial instruments

The UK still maintains an ambition to become a major global crypto currency hub as it rebrands stablecoins as ‘digital settlement assets (DSAs)’ and recognises crypto as a regulated financial instrument. 


DeFi stands out as crypto’s biggest regulatory challenge

Decentralised finance is one of the most difficult areas of crypto to regulate and could pose systemic risks if it becomes deeply embedded in the traditional financial system, central bankers warned.

AFME recommends setting up taskforce to study moving to T+1 settlements

European fixed income and equities markets could benefit from shorter settlement times as it would reduce counterparty and credit risk, but on the downside it could see more settlement ‘fails’ and complexity. 

Damon Batten

Pressure grows on EU to relax rules on third-country benchmarks

ESMA has taken a swipe at the EU’s third country benchmark rules, branding them “detrimental” to financial markets. The EU may cave and water down the rules.

Gilbert Verdian

CBDCs could bring big benefits provided they are designed properly

Central bank digital currencies could improve the payments infrastructure and provide more opportunities for financial inclusion, but if adopted they must be properly configured and implemented.

Pay-for-order flow wins reprieve from the SEC

The controversial practice of paying for order flow (PFOF) in the US equities market will not be banned by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), but that does not necessarily mean the activity is off the hook.