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European Commission endorses RTSs relating to SFTR

The European Commission has signed off on the regulatory technical standards relating to the rolling out of the second part of SFTR

Michael Robertson

Preparations for benchmark reforms need prioritisation

Despite Brexit uncertainty and the demands of ongoing compliance with regulations such as MiFID II, financial institutions are ramping up their planning for life after Libor. But are they moving fast enough? By Michael Robertson, director at JDX.


MiFID unbundling rules hurting analyst coverage of smaller listed firms

MiFID II is driving investment analysis away from smaller listed firms raising fears it could leave many of them marooned in investor obscurity and facing higher costs of equity funding

SEC asks for public comment on wide range of its rules

General public given the opportunity to comment on whole raft of SEC rules, but generally few bother to do so

Jennifer O'Connell

EU benchmark rules raise systemic fears in Asia-Pacific

The EU’s benchmark regulation is causing considerable anxiety in Asia-Pacific, as it could leave some European investors cut off from the region – with potentially systemic consequences. By Justin Pugsley.

Bank of England

Authorities reinforce determination to move markets to RFRs

Regulators are stepping up pressure for markets to shift to using risk-free reference rates, as shown by a recent Financial Stability Board report. However, market participants are still grappling with a host of issues to smooth transition. By Justin Pugsley.

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New paper finds non-centrally cleared interest rates swaps are more expensive

A research paper finds that non-centrally cleared interest rates swaps are more expensive than centrally cleared equivalents, but it also raises questions over the tendency for participants to shift to bilateral deals during periods of intense market volatility

ESMA values EU derivatives market at €660tn with clearing rates rising

ESMA values EU derivatives market at €660tn and notes progress towards more derivatives being cleared

RFR working group encouraged by small take up of rivals to Ibor rates

RFR Working Group encouraged by small, but growing momentum to use reference rates put forward as alternatives to discredited Ibors

Eurex experiences trade opening delay raising questions over resilience

Worries over market infrastructure raised after Eurex experiences delays in opening for trading on Monday, 15 October