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Bank of England makes controversial move to scrap mortgage affordability test

UK mortgage affordability test requirements by lenders will be scrapped by the Bank of England (BoE) from August 1 in a move that has raised concern in some quarters, though the loan to income (LTI) ratio limit will remain. 

Paschal Donohoe

Deteriorating economic conditions resurrect eurozone crisis fears

Soaring inflation, volatile markets and deep economic uncertainty have resurrected fears that the eurozone is being stalked by another crisis, though not all share that view.

Linda Middleditch

EBA seeks more evidence before deciding on treatment of climate change in prudential framework

A fiery debate has kicked off about how much the financial sector should worry about climate risk and the legitimacy of using prudential tools to achieve climate goals. The European banking regulator advises caution. 


EBA’s prudential review seen as too shy

The pandemic has prompted the EU to review its regulatory toolbox for keeping the bloc’s financial system on a steady footing, but critics say the EBA’s suggestions merely tinker around the edges.

Basel Committee to reveal more detail on climate change, crypto-assets and G-SIBs work

Soon to be published principles on climate-related financial risks, a pending second consultation on the prudential treatment of crypto-assets and an assessment methodology for EU global banks is among the latest work announced by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. 

Christoph Gugelmann

Basel IV: Using technology to avoid a trade finance crisis

Increased capital requirements threaten to restrict banks’ ability to fund trade finance deals and further constrain economic growth. Distribution of trade finance assets to investors is emerging as a practical solution to a looming crisis.

Jean-Claude Trichet

New threats to financial stability rapidly emerging

The Covid-19 pandemic is barely winding down and already prominent global bodies are sounding warnings over new dangers to financial stability, this time relating to soaring inflation, rising interest rates, emerging market vulnerabilities and the war in Ukraine.

EBA ponders building environmental risks into prudential framework

The European Banking Authority (EBA) is asking whether environment risks should be embedded into the EU’s Pillar 1 prudential framework, which deals with minimum capital requirements.

PRA warns banks over pension deficit reduction schemes that hit regulatory capital

Banks have been told not to engage in deficit reduction transactions with their defined benefit pension schemes designed to limit the regulatory capital impact and at least one large UK bank is implicated in the warning. 

Michael Hsu

Stablecoins should come under bespoke prudential rules - OCC

Stablecoins should come under prudential rules given the potential stability risks they pose, said acting comptroller of the currency Michael Hsu, adding that more attention should be given to interoperability.