Fitch Ratings warns banks over systemic cyber events

Cyber attacks are a material risk for US banks as an incident can have many repercussions well beyond the immediate remediation measures and even spread to other banks with potentially devastating consequences.

Alex Dorfmann

Should banks be spending big on tech projects?

Looking at recent earnings for banks such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, you would be mistaken for thinking the good old days of gangbuster returns are back for bankers. Despite lower returns on trading, the M&A boom has been good for the industry’s hottest dealmakers. With all that cash, how should they be deploying it? By Alexander Dorfmann, senior product manager at SIX

William Nichols

Central banks stretch their mandates to protecting ‘natural capital’

Buoyed by their apparent progress on framing financial disclosure measures to combat climate change, the world’s central banks and financial regulators have embarked on an equally ambitious initiative to stem biodiversity loss. This marks a profound shift for central banks, placing protection of ‘natural capital’ squarely within their once tightly drawn financial stability mandates. By Victor Smart

David Shone

Basel Committee draws line under G-SIB methodology

Global banks will be disappointed that the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision appears to be ruling out making any major revisions to the methodology that decides which institutions are classified as global systemically important banks.

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Fair enough? Justifying fair use of data in credit risk

The decision on whether to grant a loan to a given customer is an important one for society in general, but one that has with considerable consequences for the individual. 

President Xi

China’s regulatory crackdowns fray foreign investors’ nerves

Mounting regulatory and political pressures are pulling apart capital markets of the world’s two biggest economies, even as Wall Street firms ramp up their presence in China. 

Jouni Aaltonen

‘Shadow banks’ criticise EBA consultation as “overkill”

The European Banking Authority is consulting on what constitutes a shadow bank for the purpose of reporting large exposures, as the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic has global regulators assessing the degree to which they should regulate shadow banks. 


South African banks brace for FRTB

South Africa’s prudential regulator is bringing the fundamental review of the trading book back to life after Covid-19-related delays, with a firm go-live date for banks of January 1, 2024. Despite concerns that this could hammer local markets, banks remain upbeat. 

David Strachan

Systemic big tech may face regulatory threat

The Bank for International Settlements is stepping up its warnings around potential risks stemming from big tech firms moving into financial services, leading some industry sources to ponder whether this is a prelude to a regulatory clampdown. 

Yvette Valdez

US crypto regulation starts to take shape

There are tentative signs that US policy-makers might be edging towards creating a more predictable regulatory environment for crypto, but hurdles remain and there is still concern that some of the eventual rules may prove damaging.