FINRA outlines its 2019 priorities with heavy emphasis on technology

FINRA has outlined its 2019 priorities, which include the use of regtech, online platforms, credit risks and investor suitability requirements

Fed to host a public research conference on its stress testing in July

The Federal Reserve Board is to hold a conference in July at its Boston branch to discuss its stress testing regime

US agencies find improvement in credit quality of large loan portfolios

The credit quality of large syndicated bank loan portfolios has improved according to the Fed, FDIC and OCC, but they warned that risks remain elevated in the leveraged loan sector

UK signs continuity agreement with Switzerland covering insurance services

The UK has signed an agreement with Switzerland to preserve the continuity of insurance business between the two countries after the former leaves the EU

Iosco consults on improving sustainable finance in emerging markets

Iosco is consulting on a series of recommendation to improve sustainable finance and the operation of capital markets in developing countries

Esma consults on liquidity stress tests for investment funds

Esma consults over its guidance for stress testing investment funds around their liquidity as Fitch Ratings issues a research note warning of their systemic risks

US stress tests feature biggest hypothetical jobless jump in their history

This year’s CCAR and stress test exercises contain soaring unemployment numbers as part of their scenario along with problems in the corporate debt market

Fed to open up on its models in bid to make stress testing more transparent

In line with recent rhetoric, the US Federal Reserve is pressing ahead with making its CCAR and stress testing exercises more transparent and is also granting greater access to its models in line with industry demands

Eurozone banks face cash run assessment in 2019 stress tests

Eurozone banks face test over how long they can last without access to funding markets and cash runs

EU-Swiss accord remains deadlocked

The EU and Switzerland are struggling to agree a new bilateral agreement covering areas ranging from financial services through to the free movement of people with some commentators believing the draft agreement to be dead