FSB completes cyber lexicon

FSB completes cyber lexicon for regulators and financial institutions outlining around 50 core terms relating to cyber security and cyber resilience

FSB: number of G-SIBs declines by one

The number of G-SIBs has fallen by one in the FSB’s latest classification with two leaving the list and one joining

UK banks perform well in Bank of England stress tests

According to the Bank of England’s latest stress tests, the UK’s seven largest lenders could withstand a downturn more severe than the one a decade ago or a disorderly Brexit and still be able to keep credit flowing to the economy

Basel III implementation progressing, but some measures facing delays

Basel Committee reports that Basel III implementation is progressing with banks being better capitalised, but is concerned that some measures are facing implementation delays in some jurisdictions

Fears grow over hard Brexit ahead of parliament vote

Such is the political opposition to the withdrawal agreement signed between the EU and UK that there is an increasing chance that the UK could leave on WTO terms

Refinement needed on ESMA’s proposed approach to stress testing MMFs

Calls for more refinement around ESMA stress testing regime for money market funds

FSB says most jurisdictions hosting G-SIBs have resolution regimes

The FSB said that most jurisdictions hosting too-big-to fail banks largely have resolution regimes in place for them, but is concerned that more work needs to be done on the resolvability of clearing houses and insurers

Changing of the guard at FSB raises fears over global post-crisis reforms

The appointment of the Federal Reserve’s Randal Quarles as FSB chair has created fears that this could either see the body undermined or lead to a loosening of global regulatory frameworks. In practice doing either would be difficult

Democrats promise more scrutiny following midterm election gains

The US financial deregulation agenda faces greater scrutiny and friction following electoral gains by the Democrats

SEC asks for public comment on wide range of its rules

General public given the opportunity to comment on whole raft of SEC rules, but generally few bother to do so