BIS innovation hub rolled out to new locations in Europe and North America

The innovation hub run by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is to be extended to four new locations over the next two years, the organisation has said in a statement. 

FSB notes some delays in switching away from Libor due to Covid-19

The transition by firms to alternative interest rate benchmarks from the London interbank offered rate (Libor) is likely to have been temporarily disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) said in a statement. 

IOSCO outlines good practices for deference among regulators

In a bid to curb regulatory fragmentation and to foster international regulatory cooperation, the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) has published 11 practices to encourage cross-border deference among regulators.

Richard Crecel

Experiences of previous crises could give clues to the scale of bank losses

With the global economy in the throes of a new crisis and with bad bank loans expected to pile up,  previous crises could still serve as a good guide as to how bad the damage will be even though this crisis is somewhat unique. 

KfW’s Joachim Nagel appointed as a deputy head at BIS

Joachim Nagel, who sits on the board of German state owned development bank KfW, has been appointed deputy head of the banking department at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

UK-US trade talks progress well with more scheduled for June

The UK and US completed formal trade talks on May 5-15 and reported good progress, with the next round of negotiations scheduled to take place on June 15-22.

BIS appoints head for its Hong Kong innovation centre

Bénédicte Nolens has been appointed to head the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Hong Kong innovation centre for three years starting July 1, 2020. 

Johnny Shearman

Covid-19 fallout increases urgency to address Libor transition legal issues

Fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic is heaping pressure on market participants to resolve the legal issues bedevilling the transition from Libor to alternative risk-free rates. By Johnny Shearman, professional support lawyer at Signature Litigation LLP, and Justina Stewart, barrister at Outer Temple Chambers.

US China tensions

The return of geopolitics will cause global banks considerable headaches

Once the Covid-19 pandemic passes, geopolitics is likely to return with a vengeance as global rivalries intensify and the economic fallout will call into question the political stability of some countries, in turn creating considerable headaches for global banks operating across borders


Credit risk management under Basel IV and beyond

Under Basel IV, credit risk can no longer be addressed in isolation – but banks can take a holistic view, enabling them to better assess the impact of future scenarios on their activities. By Xavier Dubois, director of risk and finance at Wolters Kluwer Finance, Risk & Reporting.